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If you are an agency or manage a lot of domains, servers, websites or hosting plans, we have the perfect solution. cdmon provides you with an extensive catalogue of products and services. We help you to grow your business.

Depending on the price of the products that the distributor acquires, they will be given a score that determines their discount. The more products you buy, the higher the score, so the greater the discounts you will get too.

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We reward your trust, discover the volume discounts

descuentos por volumen

If you have various hosting plans and domains, get the best price. In cdmon you can enjoy discounts when contracting or renewing different hosting plans or registering a high volume of domains.

Calculate the hosting discounts

You can check the prices of the rate assigned at the following link.
In case you want to bring a volume of domains within the rates commented, you can contact us so that we can activate during 90 days the VIP rate corresponding to the domain range. After 90 days you will be applied the volume discount.

Added value: Free services included in each domain

Valor añadido: Servicios gratuitos


Register a domain and enjoy a free basic hosting plan with a personal email account. We will help you to start your website project easily.



Free forward your email account and also your website. And if your project is still not ready, we will provide you a free parking page.



Manages and forwards DNS for free. You do not need to buy web hosting to be able to use the cdmon DNS service.



Hides the personal data associated with your domain for free. The Whois Lookup will show the registrar’s data and not your personal data.

TLD domains

We have all the domains. Find whatever you need!

Free web migration! We take care of everything

¡Migración web gratis!

If you want your customers to enjoy one of the best hosting services in the market, don’t worry, we take care of the migration.

Always with the best

cdmon’s hosting, recognised as one of the best in the market.

Our servers use the latest technology available in the market. Designed by cdmon’s team of engineers, we have achieved a combination that makes our machines currently among the most powerful in the world.

We have signed agreements with partners such as Melanox, Intel and Supermicro, to incorporate SSD NVMe technology in our disks and improve performance in all technical aspects, at a truly competitive price for our customers.

With the Debian 9.4 system, we have gained in security, stability, speed and functionality.



Mellanox Technologies is a leading provider of Ethernet and InfiniBand Smart Interconnect solutions and services for servers, storage and hyper-converged infrastructure. Its smart interconnect solutions increase the efficiency of the data centre by providing the highest performance and lowest latency, delivering data more quickly to applications and unlocking the system performance.



Intel® processors provide scalable and powerful performance for the most demanding communication networks and enterprise data centres from the smallest workloads to the most critical mission applications. Intel invents and works constantly on the boundaries of technology to create incredible experiences for companies.



Supermicro develops and delivers green IT solutions for data centres, cloud computing, enterprise IT, High Performance Computing (HPC), and integrated markets.
Supermicro is a world leader in the technology and innovation of high-performance and high-efficiency servers.



Fairbanks supports governments, banks, universities and businesses all around the globe thanks to the implementation, management and design of OpenStack Cloud and Ceph platforms.

Why cdmon?


We have more than 16 years’ experience creating the best technology for your projects. We love technology and work to place it at the service of our customers.


Innovation is in our DNA; we adapt our products constantly so that you receive the best service.


We will be happy to talk to you. Whether you are an expert or a novice, count on us.