Terms governing applications for the registration of .ES domain names until 25/05/2018


You, as the applicant for a domain name, declare that you:

  • Authorize the Registrar Agent [company name of registrar] (hereafter "the Registrar") to act on your behalf with RED.ES (hereinafter, without distinction, "the Register" or "the Allocation Authority") and to take all actions necessary for the allocation and renewal of the domain name (hereinafter "the Domain Name"), including receiving all relevant communications.
  • Authorize the Registrar to take any necessary actions to make payments on your behalf, over successive years, for the allocation and renewal of the Domain Names.
  • Acknowledge that the Registrar has been adequately informed and is aware of the rules and procedures, terms and conditions, rates and forms of payment and technical requirements for the registration of ".es" domain names as mediated by an accredited Registrar, and accepts them in their entirety. In particular, the Applicant declares that they are aware of the rules, procedures, terms and conditions for the registration of ".es" domain names, the content of which is available at:
  • http://www.dominios.es/dominios/es/todo-lo-que-necesitas-saber (external link)
  • Are aware that the breach of these rules, where expressly set out, will lead to the loss of the domain name and its possible immediate reallocation to a legally valid applicant.
  • Confirm that the data provided in this application are true, except for error or omission in good faith.
  • Promise to always keep updated the information provided in this application and to communicate any changes to the Registrar, who shall inform RED.ES whenever changes are made to any of the data that must be reported to the Register. Failure to do so may result in the Domain Name being removed (for example, owing to the inability to communicate with the persons listed as responsible for the domain name, as changes to their contact details or changes in management were not communicated in the manner prescribed).
  • Accept that, during the various proceedings relating to the allocation and renewal of the Domain Name, RED.ES will act in accordance with the information provided by the Applicant in the manner described above.
  • Are aware and accept that any false information provided in this application may be cause for denying the application or, if the Domain Name has already been allocated, may lead to that Name being removed and that, in that case, the Domain Name will be made available for registration by other legitimate applicants.
  • Are aware and accept that, once the Register has notified the Registrar that the Domain Name has met the requirements that allow it to be allocated or renewed, the Registrar is obliged to complete the payment of the corresponding amounts for allocation or, where appropriate, renewal on behalf of the Applicant and within the established time limits. In case of non-payment or underpayment after the time allowed, the Domain Name will immediately be made available for registration by a legitimate applicant. In that case, RED.ES assumes no responsibility for the consequences of any breach of obligations by the Registrar Agent on behalf of the Applicant.
  • Are aware and accept that the Registrar acts as a broker in the allocation of ".es" domain names and holds sole and exclusive responsibility for compliance with the obligations set out in the brokerage contract for the allocation of domain names. The Applicant is considered to have been informed of these circumstances and expressly waives any action or claim against RED.ES arising from any breach of duty by the Registrar.
  • Are aware and accepts that, in case of serious technical negligence, a registered domain name may be temporarily or permanently removed.
  • Confirm that, as far as you are aware, the use of the Domain Name does not violate the rights of others
  • Are aware and accept that the allocation and registration of the Domain Name in your favour accords you the exclusive right to its use, in accordance with the terms set out in the applicable regulations, for the purpose of addressing within the system of Internet domain names, and that any dispute over the right to use a particular Domain Name must be resolved between the disputing parties using the legal channels provided for that purpose.
  • Are aware and accept that the administrative contact point indicated in the application, who is legally authorized to sign this document, is responsible for any problems concerning the right to use the Domain Name, and confirm that this person is aware of and accepts this situation.
  • Declare that all institutions and persons involved in this application are aware and expressly consent to the fact that, as established in Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, all personal data that have been provided to the Registrar and that are included in this document will be reflected in both the internal and public databases maintained by RED.ES and will be kept as such as necessary for the management of the Register of ".es" domain names, as set out in the document Normas y Procedimientos para el Registro de un Nombre de Dominio de DNS bajo "es".
  • Are aware and accept that the rights of access and rectification may be exercised directly with 10dencehispahard SL at its headquarters located at Pineda de Mar 18-20 5º1, 08397 (Barcelona). The right to opposition and cancellation may be exercised only after the requested Domain Name has been surrendered, as RED.ES is required to handled personal data in order to allocate and renew the Domain Name.
  • Accept that, when handling the personal data of the aforementioned persons and entities, RED.ES, located at www.red.es, will uphold the provisions set out in Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, and its implementing regulations, and will not use those data for any purpose other than the allocation and renewal of the Domain Name. Please be advised that, in order to allocate the Domain Name, personal data must be published in the Register database of ".es" domain names, which is accessible to the public via the Internet. By signing this document, the Applicant consents to their personal data being communicated and handled in this manner, including their publication in the Register database of ".es" domain names.

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