Choose a domain and extension for your webpage

A web domain is the name your site is going to have, and it is formed by the site's name and a domain extension.

To make it relevant, it's important to include some keyword on your domain name to position your business on the Internet. A good way of doing it is through the domain extensions. For example, if your web is focused on the restaurant and hospitality sector, you can use extensions like ".restaurant", ".cafe" or ".bar".

At cdmon you'll find more than 600 alternatives and more than 150 in promotion.


.com domain

The .com domain is the most used extension in the world. It is the most popular extension and the easiest to remember.

.es domain

Show that your domain is Made in Spain and improve the SEO of your website with the regional domain of the Spanish State.

.cat domain

Join the first domain in the world granted to a linguistic community and identify with Catalonia and its culture.


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We developed our own Control Panel. An easy-to-use, intuitive Control Panel made for you, with which you'll be able to manage all your services and get the most performance.

The Control Panel is constantly in development and evolving, offering continuous improvement thanks to the feedback that users just like you send us.

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Actions you can do from your Control Panel

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Hosting configuration
Server upgrade
Domain management
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