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.com - 11,65€
.net - 13,25€
.org - 8,00€
.online - 3,45€
.store - 3,45€
.site - 1,50€
ATTENZIONE: tenere presente che le e-mail in hosting con domini IDN (caratteri multilingue) non funzioneranno correttamente, poiché i client di posta elettronica correnti (come Outlook o Thunderbird) non sono preparati per il loro utilizzo.
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Microplan di hosting incluso
Spazio web di 50MB
Account posta elettronica di 100MB
1GB di traffico mensile
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All of your questions and concerns will be answered as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you're a customer then you already know us, and if you're not then give us a call and we'll welcome you to cdmon.

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Domain registration

Choose your domain and open up the internet's doors to your project

Register your domain and take advantage of a personalised email account with 100MB of space and a free basic hosting, with 50MB of space and a 1GB monthly transfer limit. As ICANN partners, we can provide you with access to more than 600 domains. No intermediaries.

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Domain registration

Hosting plans

Cloud + the best SSD NVMe technology = Dizzying speed!

The platform based on 100% Intel SSD NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) drives. It multiplies the speed and offers greater disk space and CPU/RAM. Also, protect your website and all your data with SSL security certificates, with the latest PHP versions.

Hosting plans

Hosting plans

Email plans

Having a personalised email is possible without a hosting or website

Enjoy up to 20GB of space and send 1,500 emails per day by expanding your basic email account. Access your email at any time and from anywhere with the webmail service (Webmail Roundcube).

Email plans

Email plans

Test platform

Get your project started, in a real environment, with no prior investment

Create your project in a pre-production environment and make it visible whenever you decide. Optimise your investment and only purchase the resources that you use. Ideal for creating your website and making sure everything's perfect before publishing it online. At cdmon, we want to help creators, entrepreneurs and the brave, which is why we make it easy for you!

Test platform

Test platform
Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

At unbeatable price!

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More than 150 domains

On sale

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