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About cdmon

The technological universe is constantly expanding, and innovation has always been a fundamental part of our company. We want to deliver quality technology to our customers in a transparent, understandable and friendly way.

In 2018 we started the project to completely change our infrastructure and build the most innovative and fastest cloud in Europe. Completely new technology with the aim of offering our customers the best service to launch their own project, to support their clients...

Who we are?
About cdmon

All this in addition to the security and confidence that their data will not belong to a large corporation but to a private company and will be protected from the usage of third parties. We even have our own control panel.

Always looking at what’s next, cdmon also knows the value of AI and machine learning. A step beyond BI, We are already involved in maching learing and artificial intelligence projects, we started predictive analysis projects to give greater satisfaction to our clients, working with public entities and Universities.

We are always hand-by-hand with our customers. Our customer care service is prepared to serve people who are starting, undertaking, or start-ups, to the most expert profiles. Our more than 16 years of experience support us.

About cdmon

We aim to make the cloud easy and accessible and useful for everybody. The cloud revolution is now more accessible than ever!

Founded in 2002, cdmon starts with the goal of to build a high-quality open internet where everyone can be in. After rising to become one of the largest web hosting companies in Spain now it’s starting the international expansion. The objective is to take our proposal to the rest of the continents under an expansion plan that ensures the same quality for all our clients, wherever they are.

cdmon is a certified domain name registrar for most of the top level domains, possesses quality and security ISO certifications and is classified as an innovative company by the Spanish government.

cdmon han been and is the partner of choice for its highly personalized service and 24/7 dedicated customer service team.

Our story


Creation of cdmon


Publication on 14 December of PromSite (cdmon CSR programme)


Accreditation as .es domains registrars, quickly entering the top 5 in the sales ranking


cdmon becomes an ICANN accredited registrar


The company obtains the ISO 27001 certificate


Agile methodologies are implemented in the company’s structure


Launch of the new Cloud and rebranding of the company