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Hosting prices and discounts

We reward your trust with Volume Discount

How does the Volume Discount work?

The volume discount pricing works like this: according to the quantity and type of Hostings you have, you'll be given discount points that will allow you to level up and will apply this discount pricing when renewing your Hostings.

To see the accrued points and the level you are currently in, you can check it on your Control Panel.


Accrue points and reach the next discount level

Get points to level up and get better discounts for every renewal.

For each Hosting you purchase, you'll get a set number of point (these will change according to the chosen Hosting).


Accrue points with your Hosting Plans and save money

Accumulate points to level up ang get better discounts for your future renewals. Each Hosting Plan you own equals a set number of points that will help you level up.

Plan Start
Plan Mail
Plan Junior
Plan Senior
Plan Master
Plan Preserver

Points per level

According to how many points you have, you’ll reach higher levels of discount. You’ll be able to see your level according to your points.

0 to 9 points
Level 1
10 to 29 points
Level 2
30 to 49 points
Level 3
50 or more points
Level 4

Volume Discount Simulator

Enter the number of Plans to know the discount you’ll get.

Our Hosting Plans are unparalleled

But if you still have any doubt, you can see our Hosting Plans’ comparison table or contact us so we can help you choose the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volume Discounts

Do the points expire?

Each Hosting gives you a number set of points, so you’ll always have the points according to the active Hosting at that moment. This also means that, if you change your Hosting Plan or delete it, your points will also change accordingly!

Where can I see my points?

On your Control Panel you have a section called Volume Discount where you can see your level and how many points you have accrued broken down according to the Hostings you have.

When does the discount start?

Whenever you reach the next level, the discount will be applied immediately to all future renewals.

Is there a limit to the number of points?

Not at all! The only limit is the number of Hostings you have, even though the maximum level is 4.

Any product can have a discount?

Your accrued points and current level will only apply discounts to the purchase and renewal of shared Hostings.

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