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If you believe in your project, so do we!

About the program

Do you have your own project and love design, art or content creation? You've landed on the perfect site. cdmon's social responsibility program main purpose is to enhance creativity online by sponsoring hostings.

We sponsor creative and original webs, webs that talk about design, sites that try to stand out both at a content level and at a graphical level and websites that are able to surprise both visually and technically. Ours is the leading hosting sponsorship program in Spain, with more than 900 sponsees.


If you believe in your project, so do we!

To enter the program, make sure your website meets the requirements and fill out the application form. If your project gets selected, we'll contact you. Don't be discouraged if your application is not chosen! You'll be able to apply again.


The future is designed

Here at cdmon, we want to help make the Internet a bigger and greater place, and this is why we work to offer the best service at the same time that we care about the ones who use it. We want to lend you and our customers a friendly hand, a hand that helps you, and establish a relationship beyond being only a technology provider.

Get to know some of our sponsored Hostings

Project screenshot

Makea tu vida

A collective of people that have chosen to take action building and reappropriating their immediate surroundings, taking advantage of the nearby resources through the transformation or reuse of discarded materials and sharing the knowledge collectively.

Project screenshot


1080 is an art director, UX/UI designer and Front-End developer based in Madrid. As a child, he became interested in graphic design thanks to comics, which brought him to experiment with different technics. Nowadays, he keeps painting and drawing, at the same time that he studies code, graphic design and other areas.

Project screenshot


B-Retina - Serie B cinema Festival in Cornellà, celebrated yearly since 2005, is also the scene for the International Short Films Contest. This non-profit festival is supported by multiple entities.

Project screenshot

Supermercado Espacial

With the arrival of space tourism, many things will change, just like our way of enjoying leisure. Students of the Labasad Applied Creativity Master have looked to the window of the future to bring us some space products that solve the needs of this new environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Sponsorship Program

What is cdmon's Sponsorship Program?

It's a Hosting sponsorship program whose main purpose is to enhance creativity on the Internet.
We sponsor creative and original websites that try to stand out, both regarding its contents and on a graphic level, that are able to surprise technically and visually. Currently, ours is the leading Hosting sponsorship program on a national level, with more than 900 sponsored Hostings.
If you believe in your project, so do we!
Take a look at our conditions and enter your application.

What are the specifications of the sponsored Hosting?

It will always depend on your website's need, but the sponsored hosting is usually a Senior Hosting (40 GB SSD NVMe web space, 50 email accounts of 5 GB, unlimited databases of up to 3 GB, etc.). Check the specifications for the Senior Hosting.

How long does the sponsorship last?

The sponsorship starts at one year. After this time has passed, the sponsee can request the renewal of the sponsored Hosting from the Control Panel. This will create an order for € 0, which will be then sent to the sponsorship team at cdmon that will review that the Hosting still complies with all sponsorship conditions and extend the sponsorship another year.

How can I get a hosting sponsored by cdmon?

Present your project by filling this application form and you'll enter the selection process. The results will be communicated to you within 15 days.

And what happens if the project grows?

If the project grows and you need more resources, contact us, explain your case to us, and we'll get you the best option for your project.

How do I migrate my website to the new hosting sponsored by cdmon?

Once we inform you that your application has been accepted, we'll send you a message with which steps to follow.

Reasons to join cdmon


By your side since 2002 supporting you in your projects. Get the best results! Leading partners in the sector support us.


We are always upgrading our products. Get the most advanced technology in the market when using our services.


We are with you 365 days 24 hours. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, cdmon has an outstanding and expert technical team that answers in Spanish, Catalan and English.


With our social responsibility program we sponsor the hosting of more than 500 projects with the main purpose of promoting creativity on the Internet.