Set up your managed VPS in cdmon

Customize your managed virtual server and pay only for what you need.

Min 2 / Max 16
MemoryGB of RAM
Min 6 GB / Max 34 GB
Disk storageSSD NVMe
Min 150 GB / Max 2000 GB
Nº of hostingsCapacity (up to)
+ €29.00/ month Hardware+ €60.00/ month Administration
€89.00 Total

24/7 specialized technical assistance

A team of specialized technicians and system technicians will be at your disposal to help you solve any incident that you may find in your managed virtual server 24/7.

High performance

We guarantee maximum performance in our virtual servers thanks to Intel Optane SSD and NVMe SSD technology: 10 times faster than standard SSDs. All this with the stability and power of the S.O. Debian 11.

100% managed

The cdmon managed virtual server is monitored 24 hours a day and includes antimalware service and daily backups, maximum security and reliability so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Features of our scalable Virtual Servers

Managed VPS

Debian 11




PHP 7.4 to 8.3

In each Hosting

500 Mbps



Up to 50 GB per account
MySQL database


The limitation will depend on the resources of the server

from 2 to 16


20 or unlimited


from 6 to 34 GB

More advantages of our virtual servers

Fully managed

Our systems team manages your virtual server in a comprehensive way with maximum security and reliability, so you can forget about administration and focus on your projects.

Daily backups

We make backup copies of all the websites hosted on our platform. If you need to restore the web quickly and easily you can do it from the section: Restore backup of your panel.

Your own control panel

Through your control panel, very intuitive and easy to use, you can install apps, create and manage email accounts, create FTP access users, create and manage other products. Having our own software has many advantages!

Go to the Control Panel

Zero commitment

We want to be with you, but without obligations, that is what good services are based on. In cdmon you will not have any kind of permanence. You can cancel your services at any time.

Auto-installable CMS

Install the CMS of your choice (WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.) with a single click, and work with maximum flexibility.

Resource management

Manage and optimize your web resources. Immediate creation of hostings, PHP version change, web backups, etc. All from your control panel.

A unique world-class Cloud

cdmon has revolutionized cloud-hosting by creating one of the fastest online service platforms in the world. It is the first platform based entirely on Intel SSD NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express) drives, which dramatically increases writing and reading speeds compared to current infrastructures.

Maximum power and speed for your Cloud Server!

Managed VPS

Questions? We can take care of everything

Don't know which plan to choose? Need advice?

Our expert technical support team will be happy to help you with whatever you need. You can count on us!

VPS Server

VPS Server

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Private Servers

What is a Virtual Server?

A server is a physical machine, with all its components (memory, CPU, disk, etc.). Thanks to the KVM virtualization technology and our new cloud infrastructure, in cdmon we divide the physical resources of the server and isolate them independently, so we can emulate a far more secure and available virtualized environment which, at a logical level, will behave in exactly the same way as a physical machine.

  • This is a virtualized environment: each Virtual Server has all its resources clearly delimited and guaranteed.
  • It is totally flexible. You can contract the resources you want and modify them whenever you like in your Control Panel, only paying for what you need.
  • It is managed by cdmon: the customer can forget about the maintenance of the equipment both at a software and hardware level.
  • With hosting management panel. We give you access to cdmon's Control Panel which allows you to create, modify and delete Hostings, as well as manage them individually with all their options.

How do I know if I need a Server?

The Managed Virtual Server is the most appropriate solution when:

  • You have a website with a high number of visits or that requires a high consumption of resources.
  • You expect to manage a high volume of hosting plans.
  • You want to resell hosting but you want to forget about server maintenance.
  • You can't anticipate the consumption of resources of your hosting plans or you may have occasional peaks in activity that require you to scale your resources at any time.

We also offer Dedicated Servers if you need more power for your projects.

What is best for me, a Virtual Server or a Dedicated Server?

It all depends on your initial needs. Below are a few points to help you decide on the best option:

  • The Virtual Server is a public virtual Server, so it shares the physical resources of the virtual environment with other customers, while the Dedicated Server is a machine exclusively for you.
  • The Virtual Server allows you to choose the initial resources you need and modify them in real time, while a Dedicated Server will not allow you to introduce changes to resources, or if it does, this will involve an interruption in the service and will depend on the provisions of the compatible hardware.
  • A Dedicated Server requires you to choose a specific hardware, with some resources that you may not initially need, while a Virtual Server allows you to initially choose some reduced resources and increase them on demand at any time, only paying for what you contract.
  • The Virtual Server is independent of the hardware. That is to say, you won't have an obsolete and outdated hardware. cdmon is responsible for updating and maintaining the hardware infrastructure, so you will always have the most advanced technology to support your installed services, in a fully transparent way. In a Dedicated Server, your hardware may become obsolete rapidly, forcing you to change to a more updated version with the inconveniences that the migration may cause.
  • The Virtual Server, thanks to our Cloud technology, offers you greater redundancy and, therefore, more uptime (fewer crashes), than the Dedicated Server.

Virtuals and Dedicated servers cover different needs. We recommend that you try the Virtual Server, unless you have some specific hardware needs that require you to have a dedicated solution.

Can the Virtual Server be extended?

Yes, you can extend the features of your Virtual Server easily from your control panel. Fully scalable: you will be able to expand resources, whenever you want in terms of processing power (CPU/RAM), disk space or number of manageable hosting plans, according to your needs. Consult our technical team and we will resolve your doubts 24/7.

How many Hosting plans can I host in a Virtual Server?

When choosing the resources, you can get the basic configuration, where you'll be able to host up to 20 Hosting, or, if you prefer, get the unlimited Hosting plans option. If you have any doubts, please contact cdmon's technical team.

Can I remotely access my Virtual Server? And reset it?

The Virtual Server is managed by our systems administrators, specialized technical personnel responsible for its maintenance. For this reason, we do not offer you any means of root access to the server or any way to restart it. You have your own Control Panel from where you can control all your resources. If you notice any anomaly, contact our technical team, who will solve your problem immediately.

How will my customers manage their web Hosting?

There are two ways to manage the web hosting:

  • From the product's administration panel: where the administrator can access the control panel of each web Hosting hosted.
  • From our White Label panel: your customer can access the management of the domain through the path This is managed from a Control Panel 100% configurable by you through the simple modification of some colors.

Does this product include technical assistance for my customers?

cdmon only offers the technical service to the server administrator (our customer). You will be responsible for receiving your customers' queries and incidents and communicating them to the cdmon technical department. We will then help you with everything you need.

How is my Virtual Server invoiced and renewed?

You choose the method of payment of your Virtual Server according to your needs: at cdmon you can choose whether to make payment by transfer, Paypal, credit card or direct debit. You can then activate the automatic renewal that will allow you to renew the service by card or direct debit.

What are the payment periods for the Virtual Server?

At cdmon you can choose the most appropriate payment period for you: annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly. We adapt to you!