Customize your Mail Hosting

Mail accounts
Min 10 @ / Max 500 @
Contract period

Always included

  • 5 GB (expandable to 20 GB)
  • Webmail access
  • Antivirus / Antispam
  • Upgradable to any Hosting
  • SSL certificate

Benefits of cdmon's Mail Hosting

From anywhere

Access your email at any time and from anywhere with the webmail service (Webmail Roundcube).

Premium Account

Enjoy up to 20 GB of space and send up to 1,500 emails a day by upgrading your basic email account.

Security for your email

Protect your email accounts with our Antivirus and Antispam, and guarantee all your communications thanks to our SSL certificates.

24/7 service

We are at your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us through ticket or by telephone +34 91 182 27 67 / +34 93 826 49 11

Advantages of cdmon's Mail Hosting

  • Ideal for entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Scalable according to your needs
  • From 10 accounts for you and your associates
  • Access via Webmail
  • Forwarding, aliases, auto responses
  • SSL certificate
  • No advertising
Advantages of cdmon's Mail Hosting
  • Professional email for your business
  • Only pay for what you need
  • 24/7 technical support for any query
  • Access via email client (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Secure data hosted in Spain
  • Efficiency in spam management

Technical features

Main features
No. of mailboxesFrom 10
Space per account5 GB (Scalable to 20 GB)
POP/IMAP ConfigurationThis means you'll be able to set up your email account on any email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or any other.
Webmail RoundcubeAlso access your email account from anywhere thanks to our Webmail service: Roundcube.
NewsletterA user created specifically for mass mailings (up to 15,000 daily emails) from your Hosting.User with a daily limit of 500 free emails
Mail forwardingUnlimited
Out-of-office replies
Secure access and sending (SSL/TLS and STARTTLS)
AuthenticationGuarantee your message's integrity with the SPF and DKIM records.SPF and DKIM
Antivirus and AntispamWe offer you Commtouch, the market leading Antispam, besides checking the sender's IP reputation for all incoming emails against blacklists.
Blacklist and WhitelistSet up blacklists and whitelists for all your email accounts.
Blocking of accounts
DNS management
Domain's DNS management
Domain parking
Hosting management
cdmon Control Panel
Customizable white label panel (Gestiona)
Other services
Possibility of online upgrading
30 day return guarantee
24/7 technical assistance by telephone and email
Itemized prices
Quarterly fee€11.30
Biannual fee€20.30
Annual fee€36.00

Need more space? Discover our Premium accounts

Upgrade your email account

If 5 GB of storage or 500 daily emails fall short of your needs, our Premium accounts have you covered, offering up to 20 GB of space and up to 1,500 daily emails.

Should you require additional storage or more daily messages, you have the option to upgrade each of your email accounts through your cdmon Control Panel at anytime.

Premium Email

Differences between the Mail Hosting and the Microplan

MicroplanMail Hosting
PriceIncluded with your domain registrationFrom €3.00/month
Designed for
Designed forCompanies or people that need a basic, static website with just one email accountCompanies or people that only need emails with their domain
Space per email account
Space per email account100 MB5 GB
Web space
Web space50 MB-
Accounts included
Accounts included1From 10
Register domainPurchase

Questions? We take care of everything

If you need advice, our expert technical support team will be happy to assist you with whatever you may need.
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We take care of everything

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