Our technology, flies!

Maximum speed and performance at the service of your project

The hosting of the future, It has a cloud shape!

The first CLOUD 100% NVMe, only on cdmon

We revolutionized cloud-hosting by creating one of the fastest online service platforms in the world.

cdmon revolutionises cloud-hosting, creating one of the fastest online service platforms in the world. The new platform, the first based entirely on Intel SSD NVMe drives, (Non-Volatile Memory Express) increases the speed of the current infrastructure and offers greater disk and CPU/RAM capacity. The result of this innovative and disruptive technical architecture, for our customers, is to obtain the maximum loading speed for their websites, better service quality, a significant increase in resources and more options for development.


writing speed


reading speed



Cloud with 100% NVMe high-end drives

Technically speaking, what are NVMe drives?

NVM Express or NVMe (Non Volatile-Memory Express) drives are based technically on NAND Flash memory cells to store data, dramatically improving the speed of traditional SSD. These optimise the performance of the SATA connection thanks to their PCI Express connectors.



New Storage platform with Bluestore CEPH technology, NVMe and Intel Optane drives.



Dramatic reduction in reading and writing times. Your SEO will take off at full speed.



Fully scalable storage system. Scale and adapt it to your needs.



Each node adds more than 2,800,000 IOPs with encrypted disks. Maximum security and performance.

Drive NVMe

Performance of the drives: NVMe vs. SSD and HDD

3200 MBps
560 MBps
300 MBps
our Technology
3000 MBps
510 MBps
300 MBps
cdmon Technology
IOPS Pool Storage
75% read - 25% write

Cutting-edge technology
available to everyone

Cutting-edge technology

Technology of the future brought to the present

With the 100% NVMe Cloud you can enjoy the future today. We have fully deployed fibre-optic networks, guaranteeing the best service.

  • We work with SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) as a basis for implementing a Devops culture.
  • Our Release Management process is combined with Service Management using the Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban & XP methodologies.
  • We create a completely automated Product Pipeline.
  • Our products and services are united in a Infrastructure as Code concept on a Private Cloud based on Openstack-Ubuntu free technology.

Custom infrastructure

We offer multiple possibilities so that you can use the infrastructure you need: transfer, capacity, processing... A 100% NVMe Cloud that allows you to use your infrastructure in a shared or dedicated way.
We have our own unprecedented infrastructure:

Always by your side

Our 24/7 management system has the ability to get the service running again as soon as possible. We include a Backup service in all plans.Nuestro régimen de administración 24/7 dispone de la capacidad para mantener el servicio funcionando lo antes posible. Incluímos un servicio de Backup en todos los planes.

The best Uptime

We are committed to providing the best service, guaranteeing the Uptime of the servers with an architecture ready to never stop.

  • We implement all the services in architecture based on a micro-services ecosystem, where the APIs are a central element and product, designed with API Blueprint in Apiary.
  • We use the highest performance languages such as Golang.

Technical features of cdmon servers

CPU Intel Xeon
TYPE OF DRIVE Intel Optane SSD and SSD NVMe: 10 times faster than standard SSD.
BANDWIDTH Up to 10 Gbps per server
SECURITY Firewall adapted to your needs
IPs Possibility of acquiring your own IP addresses
BACKUPS Daily backup of 15 days of retention for hosting and 10 days for Virtual Servers
DNS 5 DNS servers geographically separated in different DPCs and networks

Maximum speed
and interoperability
hosting services.

Much faster hosting for you

With the 100% NVMe Cloud, you get superior performance to most of the other hosting services in the market.

We reduce the server response time and therefore avoid unanswered requests.

This optimisation helps to increase the loading speed and improve the SEO of your website.

Fast Hosting


With the cdmon hosting plans, you can change the PHP version without the need for migration or a technical service.

If you have a dedicated or virtual server, you can have a different PHP version for each hosting plan.

On the Control Panel you can view the available versions and adapt them to your configuration needs without loss of service.

We take care of everything,
Managed Servers

servidores administrados

Dedicated Server, 100% managed

Our systems team fully manages your server with maximum security and reliability.

  • Proactive systems monitoring

  • Optimisation and updating of operating system and web service

  • Reactive scanning of Malware

  • Guaranteed availability with SLA of 99.95%

  • Hardware Guarantee

Create your hosting plans whenever you need them

You can manage and optimise your web resources to best suit your needs.

  • Free migration with the contracting

  • Immediate creation and management from the control panel

  • Automatic daily backups

  • Immediate change of PHP version in each hosting

Minute-to-minute monitoring

  • Complete management of the network infrastructure
  • Full monitoring of the hardware
  • Updating of the operating system
  • Monitoring of performance and security
  • Proactive systems management
  • 24-hour alerts service
Minute-to-minute monitoring

Peace of mind

  • Automated backups
  • Anti-virus and spam protection
  • Uptime service 99.95% guaranteed
  • A team of SysAdmin experts at your service
  • Custom migrations
  • Analysis of incidents
Support 24 hours

100% support

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Own infrastructure in Spain
  • Full setup and support
  • Own control panel
  • Installation of PHP modules
  • Optimisation of MySQL
automated backups

Reasons to join cdmon


By your side since 2002 supporting you in your projects. Get the best results! Leading partners in the sector support us.


We are always upgrading our products. Get the most advanced technology in the market when using our services.


We are with you 365 days 24 hours. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, cdmon has an outstanding and expert technical team that answers in Spanish, Catalan and English.


With our social responsibility program we sponsor the hosting of more than 500 projects with the main purpose of promoting creativity on the Internet.