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We believe good experiences should be shared. That's why we invite you to be part of Refer-a-Friend, our new referral system.

A unique opportunity for you and your acquaintances to enjoy incredible benefits, simply by sharing the quality and service you already know. Find out how to start enjoying these rewards from today. It's easy, fast, and you both win!

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How does the program work?

Connect and share

Sharing has never been easier. You just need to activate your account in the Refer-a-Friend program, get your personal friend code, and pass it on to your acquaintances. When they make a purchase using your code, they will enjoy an immediate 5% discount on their purchase.

Mutual benefits, shared joy

With each use of your friend code, the reward is double: your friend receives a discount, while you benefit by accumulating balance in your account. And best of all, this process repeats with every valid purchase made by your friends, with no limit to the balance you can accumulate thanks to the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Refer-a-Friend program

How do I sign up for the program? How do I get my friend code?

Access your Control Panel, accept the Terms and Conditions, and activate the program. If everything is correct, you'll receive your code and you can start sharing and enjoying the advantages.

Are there any limitations to the number of friends invited or the use of the friend code?

You can invite as many friends as you wish, without any limit. However, the friend code cannot be applied to your own purchases. Furthermore, the friend code is only valid for new product registrations and does not apply to renewals or other services.

What are the benefits?

The referee will get a 5% discount off the subtotal of the purchase (before taxes).
The referrer will receive 5% of the subtotal of the purchase (before taxes) as account balance.

How and when do I receive the rewards for referrals?

The balance will be credited after a period of 30 days, ensuring there are no returns.

Can I use my accumulated balance on any purchase? Does the program have any product or service restrictions?

You can use your balance to register and renew domains, as well as to hire and renew any hosting or server with us.

Is there any possibility of receiving cashback as part of the Refer-a-Friend program benefits?

Currently, the Refer-a-Friend program does not offer a cashback option. The rewards are designed to be used within the cdmon platform, allowing you to accumulate balance for future purchases and renewals with us.

How can I follow my referrals and the rewards obtained?

In your Control Panel, you can always see the benefits obtained through your friend code (once the 30 days have passed).