Uniting businesses and cultures in Europe

The .EU domain embodies the essence of European identity in the digital world, offering a unique platform for businesses and individuals looking to stand out in the European common market. Show your commitment to European values and cultural diversity, while accessing a broad and varied market.

Benefits of registering a .EU domain

Maximize your visibility

Send a clear signal of internationality and openness, allowing you to target consumers across Europe. With a .EU domain, your business expands its potential reach while projecting an image of accessibility and commitment to the European market.

Synonymous with reliability

With a .EU domain, you assure your customers that you adhere to European regulations and commercial standards. This strengthens your customers' trust in your business, knowing you operate within a transparent and secure legal and commercial framework.

Security and trust online

Online security is fundamental for trust in the digital space, and .EU domains take this aspect very seriously. By implementing a range of advanced security measures, .EU domains ensure a safe environment for users.

Linguistic diversity

With .EU domains, .ею (Cyrillic), and .ευ (Greek), you have the freedom to use characters from any official language of the European Union, allowing you to communicate with your audience in their mother tongue and highlight your commitment to inclusion and respect for Europe's cultural diversity.

Information for registering a .EU domain

Requirements for registering a .EU domain

  • It's mandatory that the registrant be a citizen of one of the member countries or that the company be located in the European Community.

This extension supports

  • IDN Characters
  • DNS Modification

Why register a .EU domain?

What does registering a .EU domain mean, and why is it important?

Registering a .EU domain symbolizes much more than just an online presence; it reflects a strong European identity and a commitment to the European Union's digital single market. It's a powerful statement for businesses and entities that want to highlight their connection with Europe and its market, enhancing trust and recognition across the region.

What are the requirements for registering a .EU domain?

The fundamental requirement for registering a .EU domain is for the holder or organization to be based or have legal residency in one of the EU member states. This ensures that the domain maintains its relevance and exclusive connection with the European Union, though in certain cases, entities outside the EU with significant operations in it may also be eligible.

What advantages does a .EU domain offer for a multilingual website?

A .EU domain is particularly advantageous for multilingual websites, as it reinforces the idea of European unity and diversity. It facilitates managing multiple language versions of your site, offering a cohesive platform that is accessible and welcoming to a wide European audience, reflecting the continent's rich linguistic diversity.

How can a .EU domain expand the reach of my project or business?

Choosing a .EU domain opens doors to an extensive and diverse European market, facilitating cross-border collaboration and taking advantage of favorable policies and regulations within the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway. This domain enhances your project or business, allowing you to effectively target consumers and partners across the entire European Union, and reinforcing your identity as an entity committed to European values and standards.