Basque identity in the digital world

The .EUS domain is the perfect choice for those looking to promote the cultural and linguistic richness of the Basque Country on the Internet. Designed to reflect Basque identity, this domain is ideal for entities focused on Basque culture and language, as well as for businesses and personal projects that seek a strong connection with the Basque Country.

Benefits of registering a .EUS domain

Promoting Basque culture

By opting for a .EUS domain, you're not just making a technical choice, but also demonstrating your commitment to promoting and preserving the Basque language and culture, joining an active community that values and encourages regional identity.

Commitment to the community

If you have a business or entity in the Basque Country, or simply want to link your website to the Basque identity, this is your domain. It's an exceptional way to connect your project or business with the rich cultural heritage of the Basque Country, creating an immediate bond with both the local and international community interested in the region.

Your website in Basque with one click

The .EUS domain is a key tool in promoting and spreading the Basque language and culture in the digital realm. Thanks to Elia, a WordPress plugin, you can automatically translate your site into Basque. This service, available at no additional cost, makes managing bilingual content and accessibility easier.

Social commitment and digital transformation

Choosing a .EUS domain connects you with Basque culture and supports the PuntuEUS Foundation. This non-profit organization reinvests profits in projects that foster digital transformation and the presence of the Basque language and culture on the Internet.

Information for registering a .EUS domain

Requirements for registering a .EUS domain

  • Websites with a .EUS domain must have at least some content in Basque, be related to Basque culture, or conduct communications in this language.

This extension supports

  • IDN Characters
  • DNS Modification
  • WHOIS Privacy
  • Transfer Lock

Why register a .EUS domain?

What does a .EUS domain represent, and why should I consider it for my website?

A .EUS domain is a way to stand out and promote Basque culture and language in the digital environment. It's ideal for sites aiming to highlight their connection with the Basque Country, whether for cultural, linguistic, or local identity reasons.

What are the requirements for registering a .EUS domain?

To register a .EUS domain, your site must feature content in Basque or be related to Basque culture. This specificity makes it ideal for projects focused on the Basque community, while still being visible on a global scale.

How can a .EUS domain benefit my business or project?

Registering a .EUS domain allows you to specifically target the Basque community, which is excellent for market segmentation if your business or project has strong ties to this region. It also maintains your global visibility.

Is it complicated to renew a .EUS domain?

Renewing a .EUS domain is straightforward and can be done at any time, typically completed within 20-30 minutes. Additionally, this extension supports technical features such as IDN characters, DNS modification, DNSSEC, WHOIS Privacy, and transfer lock.