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Step 1 Domain status

We'll first check that the domain is unlocked to be able to start the transfer

Enter the domain you want to transfer

How can I unlock a domain?

Most domain providers offer the ability to block/unlock a domain from its own management panel, in other cases you need to contact them by phone, email or fax to unlock a domain. Keep in mind that this process may take up to a few hours before updating its status. You can also see the domain status in our WHOIS page.

If you can't access a management panel or don't know how to request said action, we provide you with a standard letter (letter available in English on our Spanish-only guide) you can send the current domain registrar, click here to download it.

Step 2 Domain Auth Code

Where can I find the Auth Code?

The Auth Code is a security code that you can find on your current registrar's control panel that protects your domain from being transferred without your authorization. The current domain's registrar is obliged to easily provide you with this security code.
Through this code, cdmon knows that this is a legitimate transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions about domain transfers

What is a domain transfer or change of registrar?

A domain transfer involves changing the registering entity responsible for the management and maintenance of the domain. In other words, for example, you can register a domain at www.buy-domains.com, and then decide to transfer it to cdmon because we give better prices, services, advantages, etc.

Discover them here and begin your domain transfer.

I have a domain registered with another registrar that is not cdmon. Can I transfer it?

Yes, of course! You only need the AUTH CODE (the security code that prevents the unauthorized transfer of your domain) that your current registrar can provide you (except for .es domains that do not require this code). Once you have the code, you can request the transfer from our website. Easy, right? And if you don’t manage to transfer to cdmon, we will help you with everything you need.

Approximately how long does it take to transfer a domain?

Once the transfer has been accepted, the approximate time it takes to transfer the domain to cdmon depends on the effectiveness of the processes and the extension requested:

  • .es domains: 1 hour
  • .eu domains: several hours
  • All other extensions: from 5 to 7 natural days.

What we can guarantee is the effectiveness of the services that you will enjoy when transferring your domain to cdmon.

Should I wait for the domain to expire before requesting the transfer?

No, you must do so when the domain is still active. When the registration of a domain expires and enters the 'Client Hold' status, it gets blocked and you won't be able to transfer it until at least 45 days have passed since the renewal date (except .es domains, which can be transferred even if expired). You will need to renew it previously with your current provider in order to request the transfer.

Can I transfer the domain for several years?

In cdmon yes! Usually, a domain transfer involves the annual renewal of the domain. However, in cdmon you can perform the transfer for more than one year. When the transfer process is complete, you will also be able to activate the automatic renewal. Because in cdmon we want you to have one less thing to worry about.

What happens to the DNS servers during the transfer process?

While the transfer is in progress, you won't be able to change the DNS servers. Once the transfer is done, and to avoid any interruption to your service, your current DNS servers will be kept, and you'll be able to change them from your Control Panel. Before you start the transfer process, make sure that your current provider offers DNS service even if the domain is no longer with the or your site won't work during the whole process.

What should I consider before starting the transfer process?

Before starting the process of transferring a domain to cdmon, you should ensure that it has not expired, that it is not blocked (Transfer_prohibited), that you have the AUTH CODE or, in case of a .es domain, that you have access to the email provided as the administrative contact for the domain. With these things checked and in order, you can start the transfer process without any problem. Failing that, cdmon will help you throughout the whole process so that we can perform the transfer together, and you can enjoy our services. You can see the requirements that you must meet to transfer your domain in our Support Panel.

Is there any charge for domain transfers?

The transfer of domains to cdmon includes a one-year renewal of domains, which is the only cost involved. The only exception is with .es domains that can be transferred without renewal, although when you get to know our services, you will definitely want to renew.

I want to transfer my domain and Hosting to cdmon. When do I transfer the domain?

If you want to transfer your Hosting and your domain to cdmon we suggest you follow the steps below in the order indicated so that you do not lose any functionality:

  1. Contract your hosting with cdmon.
  2. Publish the content of your website and configure your email accounts.
  3. Change the DNS of the domain for those of cdmon (ns1.cdmon.net, ns2.cdmon.net, ns3.cdmon.net, ns4.cdmondns-01.org and ns5.cdmondns-01.com).
  4. Transfer your domain to cdmon. If at any time you do not know how to continue, call us or write to us, we are available 24/07 to help you with whatever you need.