The generic domain that conveys trust, prestige and security

.COM domains have grown to become the most popular and widely used extension in the digital world. Chosen by a variety of entities, from large corporations to small startups, .COM domains are synonymous with a stable and reliable online presence.

Benefits of registering a .COM domain

Universal Trust

.COM domains are the preferred choice of global companies, innovative startups, and local merchants. This domain helps businesses of all sizes build a trusted connection with customers and partners around the world.

Universally Known

.COM domains are known and respected worldwide, making them perfect for establishing a global digital presence. Their universality makes them an ideal choice for any business or individual looking to establish a strong digital presence with global reach.

Digital Center for Your Business

Creating a website with a .COM domain positions you on a trusted and recognized platform. It offers your customers an accessible and simple way to interact with your business, strengthening your presence and accessibility in the digital world.

Immediate Recognition

Choosing a .COM domain means being part of a globally recognized business community. These domains are synonymous with a stable and reliable online presence, used by millions to start and expand their digital presence.

Information for registering a .COM domain

Requirements for registering a .COM domain

  • .COM domains allow the letters from 'a' to 'z', the numbers from '0' to '9' and the hyphen '-'.
  • The hypen '-' is not allowed either at the beginning or end of the name of the domain, nor are two hypens '-' in succession allowed in the 3rd and 4th position.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • WHOIS Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Why register a .COM domain?

What advantages does a .COM domain offer for my online business?

The .COM domain, being the global standard for online businesses, facilitates your recognition and reaches a broad audience, from local to international. The ease of registration and renewal saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

What should I know about the process of registering and renewing a .COM domain?

Registering a .COM domain is immediate and straightforward, and renewal is equally easy, ensuring the continuity of your online presence. .COM domains offer advanced options such as customizable DNS, DNSSEC security, WHOIS privacy, and transfer lock, providing flexibility and security in managing your domain.

What are the key features of a .COM domain?

.COM domains are widely recognized for their prestige and reliability, making them a solid choice for any online business. Their generic and international nature makes them ideal for businesses seeking a global presence without restrictions.

What additional functionalities support .COM domains?

In addition to being globally accessible, .COM domains support IDN characters for greater linguistic inclusivity. DNS modification and DNSSEC ensure your site's security, while WHOIS Privacy and transfer lock protect your information and domain against misuse.