The domain for organizations

One of the first domains to appear, owes its origin to the word organization.
Register your domain .org.

Why register a .org domain?

Ideal for organisations

If you are looking for a domain extension for your organisation, .org is probably your best option.

Trust is ensured

Convey trust and integrity to its users with the domain extension .org.

Social areas

Despite not having minimum requirements for its use, the domain extension .org is normally associated with social areas. If your project is of that nature, start positioning it with your domain extension.

Address a wider audience

As it is not a domain directed at a specific segment, you can use it like other generic domains to address the general public.

Information for registering a .org domain

Requirements for registering a .org domain

  • This extension does not have associated requirements or noteworthy restrictions at present.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification