More than a domain, a purpose

By choosing a .ORG domain, you join a global community of passionate voices seeking to make a positive difference in the world. This domain, with a history of over 30 years, transcends mere commercial purpose to become a symbol of commitment to the common good.

Benefits of registering a .ORG domain

Trust and recognition

With more than three decades of presence, .ORG has established an unparalleled legacy. It's known for hosting millions of stories of inspiration and passion, from non-profit organizations to community and social groups, all united by the desire to share and connect.

Inclusivity and diversity

Contrary to the common perception that .ORG is exclusive to NGOs, this domain is open to everyone. Its diverse community reflects a broad spectrum of interests and sectors, all sharing the common desire to positively impact society.

Commitment to security

A .ORG domain ensures secure technical operation and promotes education on critical issues like HTTPS and data breach prevention, collaborating with industry partners to maintain the highest security standards for its users.

Support for global causes

The .ORG domain is managed by the Public Interest Registry, whose mission is to support and ensure the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet. By registering a .ORG domain, you contribute to keeping the Internet open, free, and accessible to everyone.

Information for registering a .ORG domain

Requirements for registering a .ORG domain

  • This extension currently has no associated requirements or notable restrictions.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification

Why register a .ORG domain?

Why should I choose a .ORG domain for my organization?

Choosing a .ORG domain is ideal for organizations looking to highlight their commitment to social, community, or educational initiatives. These domains are synonymous with trust, integrity, and altruistic values, making them perfect for a wide range of projects, from NGOs to educational communities and activism groups.

What kind of projects are most suited for a .ORG domain?

While .ORG domains are universally applicable, they shine particularly in non-profit organizations, social, educational, and community initiatives. They are ideal for those who wish to project an image of responsibility and social commitment, such as environmental conservation projects, educational programs, and human rights advocacy groups.

Are there special requirements for registering a .ORG domain?

There are no specific requirements for registering a .ORG domain, making them accessible to a wide variety of projects. However, they are recommended for those who wish to be identified with the values and integrity traditionally represented by this domain in the digital realm.

How does a .ORG domain reflect the values and mission of my project or organization?

.ORG domains are widely recognized for representing integrity, reliability, and commitment to social, cultural, or humanitarian goals. By registering a .ORG domain, your project, or entity can communicate its dedication to these fundamental values to a global audience, thus strengthening its online identity and credibility.