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What is a cdmon style domain like?

As ICANN partners, we offer over 600 domains that contribute to an open, secure, and stable Internet.

Microplan Hosting with Email

Microplan Hosting with Email

50 MB of Hosting with professional Email included with your domain.

DNSSEC included

DNSSEC included

An extra security layer for your domain that you won't have with other providers, valued at €15.


Maximum control over your domain

Easily lock to avoid modifications and transfers.

Bulk changes

Bulk changes

Manage your domain portfolio in bulk with one click.

WHOIS Privacy

WHOIS Privacy

Manage your information, hide or show your data as you prefer.

Automatic renewals

Automatic renewals

You will never forget to renew your domain. Without unnecessary complications.

Do you need any help with registration?

Do you need any help with registration?

We are always by your side. You can contact us 24/7 through a ticket or by telephone.

Free redirect

Free redirect

Redirect your website and your email for free.

DNS Management

DNS Management

Easily manage your DNS with our original Control Panel, with a TTL of less than 60 seconds.

Volume Discount

Volume Discount

We reward your loyalty by giving you volume discount pricing when you register 5 or more domains.

One step away from starting your project

Affordable domains to kickstart your project

Connected to the world
Designation of origin
Identify your site with the Catalan culture
For organizations and those who care
Boost your store's performance
For artists just like you
The youngest extension
Online stores, this one is for you!
Where stories begin
Tell the world that you are online!
To our computer lovers
For those who want to help

Promotion price for domains, valid only during the purchase period of the promotion.

Product renewal price may vary. The prices marked correspond to the registration for one year.

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Do you have 5 domains or more?

We value your loyalty and reward you with volume discounts

See your savings

We value your loyalty and reward you with volume discounts

How do I transfer my domain to cdmon?

Transfer your domain

Two steps and it's done:

Get the AUTH CODE, the security code that prevents unauthorized transfer of your domain and that your current registrar should give you.

Do you have a domain ending in .ES? These are the only domains for which you don't need this code.

Start the process through the following button.

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The tools you need, within reach

WHOIS Search

WHOIS Search

Check the status of your domain comfortably: verify its availability or if it's already in use. Also, get information about its registration date and the renewal and expiration dates.

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Domain API

Domain API

We offer you a tool to easily manage your domains. With it, you can register, sell, transfer, block, renew, restore domains and much more, all with simple requests.

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8 keys on choosing a great domain name

Explore new extensions

Utilize the new extensions that are available. Don't confine yourself to the classic .com or .net; choose the one that best fits your project and industry.

Use your brand

If you have your own brand, ensure your domain reflects it. If it's taken, we offer alternatives so you can find the perfect option.

Be descriptive

Choose a domain name that clearly communicates who you are or what you do. Let your domain speak for you and your project.

Know your audience

Pick a domain name that's relevant to your target audience. We offer the most popular extensions right here!

Keywords matter

Including keywords can boost your online visibility. Protect your brand by purchasing the same name with several common extensions.

Clarity is key

Short names are often taken, so be careful not to overcomplicate things. Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and not be confused with others that are similar.

Less is more

Avoid unusual characters such as hyphens, numbers, or symbols that make it difficult to remember your website. Simplicity aids memorability.

We're here to help

We are committed to your success. We help you quickly register your domain if it's available. If not, we search for alternatives or assist you in every way possible to acquire it.

And if you need us, we're just a call away

We help you find the perfect domain

We want to help you with your project. If the domain is available, in a few minutes it will be yours. If it is not, we'll look together for the best alternative, or we'll do anything in our power to help you get it.

Contact us, and we'll answer all your doubts

Contact & Help

We advise you on how to get back your domain

Mistakenly, you did not renew and lost your domain? Don't worry; we are going to help you. We'll be by your side during the whole process, and together we'll do our best to get it back. Remember to enable the automatic renewal that cdmon offers you.

Frequently Asked Questions about domain registration

What is a domain?

A domain is a unique and exclusive name given to a website on the Internet. For example, you are currently at the domain.

What kinds of domains exist?

They can be divided in 4 groups:

  • gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains): are generic Top Level Domains, without country or language specifications. They are the most well-known extensions, they do not have restrictions and are available to users around the world.
  • sTLDs (sponsored Top Level Domains): are generic domains proposed by an independent agency or foundation, which establishes and applies the rules for qualifying for those domains.
  • ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domain): are geographical top level domains used and reserved for a country or dependent territory. They normally have linguistic or regional restrictions.
  • New gTLDs: are new top level domains for companies, organizations, cities, or individuals. Furthermore, they cover very different areas (business, industry, money, technology, sport, food, health, adults, cities, culture, etc.) that are offered for private use by brands and are even open to the public.

What types of domains can I register?

At cdmon you can register more than 600 different domains among the 4 types, from .com (gTLDs) to .buzz (new gTLDs).

Can I register a domain name with accents, umlauts, or other special characters?

Of course. These kinds of domains are called IDN domains, but, if you want to register one of these domains, you will have to check the special characters admitted since they can vary from extension to extension.

Can I register for more than one year?

Yes, you can register domains for a period of longer than one year and up to 10 years. Remember that some domains require a specific number of years, like .uk domains, which have to be registered for 2 years. Keep in mind that you can modify the time period in the shopping cart.

How do I know if the domain I want to register is free?

You can enter any domain on our search engineand we'll find out what domains with are free to register that name.

What are the promotional conditions?

  • The promotional prices are only valid for new registrations during the first year.
  • The renovation price for expired domains (in the Redemption Period) includes an extra charge that varies according to the extension.
  • The special price domains (Premium) and Reserved domains are not currently detected by our system and cannot be registered. If any order appears with the Premium or Reserved domain, the amount of the unregistered domain will be returned.