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One of the users' favorite domain extensions, its versatility makes it perfect for all types of businesses.
Register your domain .online.

Benefits of registering a .ONLINE domain

Popular all over the world

Although .online is a recently launched domain extension, it already has more than 1 million domains registered by companies in sectors such as lifestyle, marketing, IT, etc.

Recognized worldwide

The word 'online' is understood globally, even in non-English speaking countries. This makes .online a powerful domain extension for companies looking to build a globally recognized brand.


If you don't want your website traffic to end up on another because of the confusion with the extension, then an .online website is the solution.

Excellent for branding

.online is a fantastic domain extension to build a remarkable brand for your business or personal portfolio. It's catchy, search engine friendly, and relevant to businesses and websites of all kinds.

Information for registering a .ONLINE domain

Requirements for registering a .ONLINE domain

  • This extension does not have associated requirements or noteworthy restrictions at present.
  • The hyphen '-' is not allowed either at the beginning or end of the name of the domain, nor are two hyphens '-' in succession allowed in the 3rd and 4th position.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Why register a .ONLINE domain?

How can a .ONLINE domain improve the visibility of my website?

The word 'online' is universally recognized and understood, even in non-English-speaking countries, making the .ONLINE domain a powerful option for businesses seeking broad visibility and global reach.

What considerations should I have when choosing a name for my .ONLINE domain?

When picking a name for your .ONLINE domain, it's important to consider brevity, relevance, and memorability. A short and straightforward name can improve your search engine positioning and make it easier for customers to remember and find your site.

Can a .ONLINE domain help differentiate my website from the competition?

Absolutely. Registering a .ONLINE domain can help differentiate your website by offering a unique and modern identity in the digital space. This extension is particularly effective for standing out in a competitive market and conveying an image of innovation and currency.

How can a .ONLINE domain influence my brand's perception by customers?

An .ONLINE domain reinforces the digital and accessible nature of your brand, which can positively influence customer perception by aligning your brand identity with modern values and connectivity.