You still don't know about Trusted Shops?

More than 30,000 online shops already have the Trusted Shops Trustbadge.

With more than 20 years of experience, the mission of Trusted Shops is to offer digital trust. If your ecommerce has the Trusted Shops Trustbadge, you'll show your customers that the experts at Trusted Shops have comprehensively checked your website.

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Benefits you get from the Trusted Shops Trustbadge

It is the best-known by customers and sellers in Europe.

With this Trustbadge, your online shop will show that your customer's data is responsibly handled and meets the most demanding quality criteria.

What criteria are checked to insure the quality of an online shop

Identity and accessibility

The customer has to be able to easily contact the shop, insuring the best support for customers.

Cancellation and refund policy

All customers will be informed regarding their right of revocation and where to return the goods if needed, as well as any cost that this return could cause.

Data protection and security

All legislation regarding personal data protection is enforced, collecting only allowed data and ensuring its correct and full encryption.

Products and prices

The price for all products, as well as any shipping and any other additional costs, must be broken down and clearly shown.

Clear order process

The order process is checked to make sure that it is clear and easy to proceed from the first click until the receipt of the order confirmation.

Service and purchase experience

The service offered to customers and the whole purchase experience is continuosly checked.

Mobile, tablet, desktop...

It doesn't matter from which device your customers visit you, Trusted Shops Trustbadge will always be visible.

Trusted Shops

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Trusted Shops + cdmon

Trusted Shops provides trust and security.

Let's make the digital world a safer place, so we can take the best decisions possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Trusted Shops

What is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is a service that offers security through a trusted brand thanks to a Trustbadge and a customer review system.

What does the Trustbadge include?

Besides the Trustbadge to be displayed on your website, customers will have a Customer Protection, an insurance of up to 2.500 € for each purchase.

Is it easy to install?

Besides getting support during the installation, you have integration in only a few steps thanks to plugins for the most used CMS.

What is the final price?

At cdmon we give you a 15% discount and free installation fee, but the final price will depend on which Trusted Shops products you choose.