If you like a challenge, then join our team to create a world yet to be imagined.

What's it like to work at cdmon?

Flexible working hours

We want to be part of your life, not condition it. We offer flexible start and end times for your workday, in addition to a tailored working day if you need it. Our working week is 38 hours per week.

Work from Home

You choose where you connect from. Our headquarters are located in Malgrat de Mar, but our teams are spread all over the peninsula. You only require an Internet connection and a desire to create a whole new future.

Freedom of Action

We do not expect you to work as a robot; your opinion and experience are essential. Do you think we need a new tool? Do you think some changes have to be made to the process? We want to hear your ideas and see how you carry them out. Your project is our project.

Amazing Atmosphere

Do you know what happens when people that want to do something great get together with the same goal in mind? The answer is cdmon. To lead the way has never been easy, it is a hard and difficult process where you have to give your best. But if we all push in the same direction, the journey is worth it.

Individual Development Plan

All cdmoners have their own Individual Development Plan. This plan has been created with each person in mind, with defined learning goals suited to your job. We want to support your Personal Development.

Training during working hours

So that you can meet your Individual Development Plan's course calendar, you'll have an average of 2 to 3 weekly hours during your working hours so you can study and implement all that you've learned.

Our main challenge is to give our customers the best service with superior technologies that exceed every expectation.

If you are interested in everything we have to offer, enter the selection process. Below,
we detail each stage so you know what to expect at all times 😉

What is the selection process like?


You'll have to apply either by completing an application or by sending an email to rrhh@cdmon.com.


Our team, after assessing your professional experience and your technological know-how, will reach out to you to inform you if there is the perfect opening for you.


If so, and to get to know you better, we'll call you for several interviews. Besides, we'll give you the chance to submit your knowledge and experience in writing. This way, you'll be able to put in all the time you need to answer 😊

If not, don't be discouraged! We'll inform you about what may have gone wrong with the process. This way, you'll be able to retrain and be prepared for next time.


For those that proceed to the next stage, we'll ask for a little time so that we can assess all applications in a reflexive and meticulous way. Both the technical and HR staff take this part very seriously since it is a crucial decision.


If your application becomes the finalist, you'll receive a wage proposal in writing.


If you accept the offer: Welcome! We'll start the Onboarding process.

What is the Onboarding process?

First days

Now that you are part of cdmon's family, we'll welcome you as you deserve. Before your incorporation, you'll receive all the tools that you may need to perform your job. We want you to have all you need to work efficiently and comfortably.

On your first day, the HR team will meet you to welcome you and get the Onboarding process started. In addition, you'll get a chance to get to know everyone on your team. We want to meet you!

Your first days will be essentially devoted to training. We want you to get to know cdmon, our structure, how we work, our values, our policies, and strategies.

First month

During this first month, you'll learn a lot about cdmon besides getting to know all our teams. You'll now understand why we boast about our work environment and consider it an essential part of achieving our set goals.

You already know the projects we are currently working on, how to work together with your team, and where to turn in case you need any help.

This stage is essential since it's the basis on which you'll grow.
Don't hesitate to ask for whatever you need.

Third month

Now you know what we are capable of at cdmon: our challenges, our technologies, and how we work. You'll know in detail what your responsibilities are, and you'll provide your talent on a day-to-day basis. At this stage, you'll collaborate on fascinating and innovative projects that will allow you to learn from the best.

Sixth month

A world of possibilities will be open to you, the Hosting's future is in your hands. You're already a cdmoner fully integrated with our culture and values. You're now ready to face challenges and find solutions to problems that were waiting for you. With your help, we'll keep moving forward towards a technological future that has yet to be discovered.

Everything you see is open source and has been created by us

From our IDC's management to our commercial website, if something is technically possible and a customer may need it, we do it ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about working at cdmon

What tools and equipment are provided to me?

cdmon will send to you anything you may need to do your job correctly, from the computer to the desk and chair.

How it is to work from home?

We celebrate daily and monthly reunions. At all times, you'll be surrounded by colleagues from whom you'll be able to learn and whom you'll be able to help. We work together to reach great goals, and this can only be done with real colleagues.

Can I grow professionally in cdmon?

We are constantly growing, and we require capable and committed people on every team. Each worker has an Individual Development Plan where their training and goals to reach the next technical and professional level are detailed.