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The time has come to make your project a reality, that new idea or that old one that's been in the drawer for a thousand years. No more excuses! At cdmon, you have all the tools to help your project see the light of day. Discover our testing platform and give your dream the energy it needs to be stronger than your excuses.

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The testing platform is perfect for creating your website and making sure it's perfect before publishing it online. It allows you to develop and test your web project in a real environment.
Prepare your website, make all the changes you need, test how it works. All before publishing it online, so you can make sure it's perfect.
We want to help all those brave and daring entrepreneurs. You're one of them and you know it.
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Register a domain and enjoy a free basic hosting plan and a personalized email account. We'll help you easily start your web project.


Redirect your email account and also your website for free. And if your project isn't ready yet, we'll provide you with a free parking page.


Manage and redirect the DNS for free. You don't need to buy a web hosting to be able to use cdmon's DNS service.


Make it even more difficult for an attacker to get between your domain and your website to steal your identity. Your domain on cdmon is secure.


We know that getting started is never easy, which is why we'll be by your side at all times, with free or low-cost products and our high-quality, free customer service, which you can count on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're here to give you a helping hand. If you don't know how to start or have questions about your website, talk to our technicians. Not only are they high-level experts and very quick at solving problems, but they are also extremely happy to help.


At cdmon, we believe in people, we believe in you and we believe in your project. See for yourself.

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By your side since 2002 supporting you in your projects. Get the best results! Leading partners in the sector support us.


We are always upgrading our products. Get the most advanced technology in the market when using our services.


We are with you 365 days 24 hours. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, cdmon has an outstanding and expert technical team that answers in Spanish, Catalan and English.


With our social responsibility program we sponsor the hosting of more than 500 projects with the main purpose of promoting creativity on the Internet.