We have developed our own Control Panel

An intuitive and straightforward panel, designed for you, that allows you to manage all your services and maximize their efficiency.

Our Control Panel is constantly evolving and improving, incorporating valuable feedback from users like you.

Access the Control Panel

Service Management

Manage all your products and services in one place, improving efficiency and productivity. A simple, user-friendly panel designed with your needs in mind.


Your access to the Control Panel is safeguarded by the latest security features, such as multifactor authentication and two-step verification, among others.

Quick Adjustments

Adapt and optimize your hosting to meet your project's requirements in just a few minutes. Control every aspect of your website with just a few clicks.

Continuous Enhancement

Our Control Panel, engineered and maintained by our experts, is constantly updated and improved to ensure the best user experience.


With a user-friendly and efficient interface, you can manage and control all your services: from setting up a domain and managing your email to handling files and databases.

Customer Support

We are at your service 24/7 to answer all your queries and guide you through the functionalities of our Control Panel. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Together, we build the Control Panel

Thanks to our ongoing enhancement program, cdmon's Control Panel is highly adaptable to our users' genuine needs. We introduce new features and interface improvements to keep it updated and cutting-edge.

This ongoing improvement wouldn't be possible without your feedback. If you have any suggestions or requests, we'd love to hear from you.

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Control Panel

Tasks you can perform from your Control Panel

Advanced DNS Management

Modify DNS servers, create delegations, and manage all your DNS records conveniently and easily.

Automatic renewals

Forget about expiration dates! Activate automatic renewals for all your services to avoid unnecessary hassles.

One-click CMS

Select the CMS that best suits your needs: WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop. Install them with a single click from your Control Panel and get your project up and running in minutes.

FTP and MySQL accounts

Set up and create both FTP and MySQL accounts to conveniently and simply manage your Hosting.


Your Hosting grows with your project. Instantly modify your Hosting or Server's features to meet the demands of your project.

Domain Management

Everything related to domain management can be found in a single panel: forwarding, DNSSEC for enhanced security, domain locking, and more.

Need assistance with the Control Panel?

We have a collection of articles and videos to guide you through managing all your products.

With our tutorials, you'll be able to achieve anything you set out to do!

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