It's that simple

Manage your domains: now even easier

We know you can manage all your domains from a single place thanks to our Control Panel, but sometimes you need an even faster tool.

And this is why we have developed a tool that will allow you to easily manage your domains.

Register, sell, transfer, block, renew, restore domains and so much more with just one request.

Set up in just a few steps

Choose the code you want and start managing

With our Domains API it is as easy as copying and pasting. Find the request you want on our documentation, enter your data, and you'll have a customized code ready just for you.

This way, you'll have access to any petition to manage and control your domains.

Requests you can make

Registration and renewal

Register new domains or renew the ones you already have with us.

All the information

Get all the information of a domain or check a domain's status at anytime.


Transfer your domain from wherever you want and even get your AUTH CODE to transfer it outside cdmon.

Contact data

Change your domain's contact data or even choose if you want to show or not this data on the WHOIS database.


Enable or disable security options like DNSSEC (to prevent man-in-the-middle and cache poisoning attacks) and domain locking (to avoid surprises).

Manage your API from your Control Panel

Access your Control Panel and sign up to your Domains API


Sign up on your Domains API and get your API Key to start making requests

Check your API Key

You can see your API Key at anytime or even create a new one

No obligation

You can delete your API Key and stop using this service at anytime

We reward your trust, discover the volume discounts

We value your trust. Whether you are a regular buyer or a reseller, cdmon is your best option to enjoy the best prices and service. We want to be with you in your projects, which is why we reward your loyalty and offer you lower prices.

See volume discounts

Advantages of registering your domains in cdmon

A free email accounts

Register your domain and enjoy a personal email account with 100 MB of space. We will help you get your project started.

Free hosting

Register your domain and activate free basic hosting, with 50 MB of space and 1 GB of monthly data transfer.


Set up more barriers so no attacker can get between your domain and your website posing as you. Make your domain safer.

Frequently asked questions about Domains API

How can I sign up?

You'll be able to sign up for the Domains API from your Control Panel, Account Management, where you'll be able to generate your API Key to start making API requests.

Can I get out at anytime?

Of course! From your Control Panel you'll be able to unsubscribe this service at anytime. Keep in mind that this will delete your API Key.

Does this API have any cost?

The cost of the API is associated with the operation you want to perform with it. Therefore, when making a domain registration request it will be necessary to pay the registration price, while a check to verify the status of the domain will not entail any extra cost.

What payment method is there for the operations cost?

If you want to register or renew a domain, it is only possible to make the payment through the user balance, so remember to have enough balance for all requests!

I can't find the request I want, will more requests be added?

This tool is in constant development that receives daily improvements thanks to the feedback we get from our customers. Send us your suggestions through our ticketing tool!