The distinctive domain of Catalan culture

.CAT domains are the perfect choice for those looking to connect with the Catalan-speaking community. They are designed to maximize the visibility and impact of your online presence, supporting the Catalan language and culture.

Benefits of registering a .CAT domain

Content in Catalan

.CAT domains are not just a web address: they represent a platform for projecting and reinforcing cultural and linguistic values. Join the first domain in the world awarded to a linguistic community and identify with Catalonia and its culture.

Catalan on the Internet

Choosing a .CAT domain actively contributes to the normalization and promotion of Catalan in the digital realm. This strengthens the presence of the Catalan language and culture in the ICT sector, promoting its use and preservation in the technological environment.

Identity and Presence

Search engines better position websites with a .CAT domain when the search is in Catalan. This enables more effective and direct communication with the target audience. If you want to gain presence in Catalan-speaking territories, this is your domain.

Social and Digital Contribution

The benefits generated by .CAT domains have a direct impact on the community, as they are reinvested in projects that promote social and digital transformation, supporting initiatives that use the Internet to foster the development and dissemination of Catalan language and culture in the digital realm.

Information for registering a .CAT domain

Requirements for registering a .CAT domain

  • Websites hosted under .CAT must be in Catalan or related to the Catalan culture.
  • Además de catalán, también pueden tener contenido en otros idiomas.
  • Una web con .CAT es compatible con otras extensiones de dominio.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Why register a .CAT domain?

What makes a .CAT domain unique?

The .CAT domain is unique because it was the first domain granted specifically to a linguistic community, reflecting Catalonia's commitment to its culture and language. It's perfect for websites that feature content in Catalan or promote aspects of Catalan culture and language, effectively connecting with a specific audience.

What are the benefits of using a .CAT domain for my website?

Adopting a .CAT domain improves SEO for Catalan queries and affirms your website's cultural identity, facilitating connection with the Catalan-speaking community. This domain extension allows you to clearly outline your content's geographical and cultural framework, expanding your reach within this specific community.

Are there special requirements for registering a .CAT domain?

The main requirement for registering a .CAT domain is that your website must contain content in Catalan or be linked in some way to Catalan culture. This unique requirement ensures that the .CAT domain maintains its cultural and linguistic purpose. In addition to this cultural requirement, the .CAT domain offers support for IDN characters, advanced DNS configuration, DNSSEC, WHOIS privacy, and transfer lock, providing flexibility and security for website administrators.

How does registering a .CAT domain contribute to the digital and social development of the Catalan community?

Part of the proceedings from .CAT domain registrations is invested in projects that promote social and digital transformation in Catalonia, supporting initiatives that use the internet to foster the development and spread of the Catalan language and culture digitally.