Your webpage speaks your users’ language

Join the first domain granted to a linguistic community and identify your site with Catalonia and its culture.
Register your domain .cat.

Why register a .cat domain?

Catalan is your language

If your website communicates in Catalan, look no further, the .cat domain extension is for you.

Position yourself in Catalonia

The .cat domain identifies you with the territory of Catalonia. If you have a business or carry out your activity there, this is the domain for you.

Content in Catalan

The .cat domain guarantees that the content of the website visited by the user is in Catalan and/or related to the Catalan culture.

Address the Catalan audience

It allows you to segment your audience, establishing a geographical and cultural framework related to Catalonia and Catalan.

Information for registering a .cat domain

Requirements for registering a .cat domain

  • Websites hosted under .cat must be in Catalan or related to the Catalan culture.
  • Además de catalán, también pueden tener contenido en otros idiomas.
  • Una web con .cat es compatible con otras extensiones de dominio.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock