Join Barcelona's digital community

Welcome to the exciting world of .BARCELONA domains, a digital gateway to connect with the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Register a .BARCELONA domain and link your digital project with the legacy and dynamism of one of Europe's most iconic cities.

Benefits of registering a .BARCELONA domain

Local identity, global position

Assert your presence in the Catalan capital, a globally recognized center of innovation and culture. This domain not only strengthens your position in the local community but also opens doors to an international audience that values and seeks the Barcelona brand.

Reinforce your digital identity

With a .BARCELONA domain, your website instantly reflects an authentic connection with the city. This domain extension is an effective tool to stand out in the crowded digital world, offering a distinctive and appealing identity.

Simple and accessible registration

Registering your domain is an easy process with no technical complications. This makes it accessible to everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, simplifying the path to a unique digital identity.

Support for city projects

By purchasing a .BARCELONA domain, you support the City Council's programs to close the digital gap in vulnerable neighborhoods. The profits are invested in digital training for young people, promoting their empowerment and improving digital inclusion.

Information for registering a .BARCELONA domain

Requirements for registering a .BARCELONA domain

  • .BARCELONA domains allow letters from 'a' to 'z', numbers from '0' to '9', and the hyphen '-'.

This extension supports

  • IDN Characters
  • DNS Modification
  • WHOIS Privacy
  • Security Lock

Why register a .BARCELONA domain?

What does a .BARCELONA domain represent, and why is it important for my project?

Registering a .BARCELONA domain not only links your project with one of the world's most innovative and culturally rich cities but also leverages its global reputation to strengthen your local identity and international presence. This domain is a statement of your connection with the dynamism and cultural heritage of Barcelona, offering distinctive value in the digital realm.

How can a .BARCELONA domain improve my online presence?

A .BARCELONA domain positions your website with a unique identity, enhancing your visibility on search engines both locally and internationally. This authentic connection with Barcelona allows you to stand out in a competitive digital environment, attracting visitors interested in the city's culture, tourism, and related businesses.

Is the registration process for a .BARCELONA domain complicated?

The registration process for a .BARCELONA domain is designed to be accessible and uncomplicated, suitable for everyone, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations. Although simple, make sure to check for specific requirements that reflect your connection with Barcelona to successfully complete your registration.

By registering a .BARCELONA domain, do I contribute in any way to the city?

Definitely, by acquiring a .BARCELONA domain, you're participating in a virtuous cycle that directly benefits the city. A portion of the revenue is allocated to projects by the Barcelona City Council focused on reducing the digital divide, offering digital training to youth in vulnerable neighborhoods, contributing to empowerment and digital inclusion across the city.