Establish digital roots in Spain

Choosing a .ES domain means connecting with Spain's rich culture and dynamism. .ES domains not only connect you with Spain but also with a world of possibilities on the web. Register yours today and start building your web presence with confidence and global reach!

Benefits of registering a .ES domain

Made in Spain

A .ES domain acts as a representative and emblem of the Spain brand, conveying the values and origins of your company. Position yourself as a Made in Spain company and connect with the local market while also opening doors to an international audience that appreciates and seeks the Spain brand.

SEO Friendly for Spanish Searches

The .ES extension offers better positioning in searches within Spanish territory, surpassing options like .COM in the local scope. This is crucial for companies and brands seeking greater visibility in national searches.

Spanish Identity, Global Reach

Establish your presence in a country known for its innovation and cultural diversity. With more than 2 million .ES domains registered, we highlight the use of Spanish, a language spoken by 590 million people, reaffirming the global importance of .ES domains.

Simple and Accessible Registration

Registering your .ES domain is an easy process with no technical complications. This makes it accessible to everyone, from entrepreneurs to large corporations, facilitating the path to a distinctive digital identity.

Information for registering a .ES domain

Requirements for registering a .ES domain

  • The administrative, technical, or billing contacts must be an individual (not a company) if they reside in Spain.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification

Why register a .ES domain?

How can I register a .ES domain with cdmon?

At cdmon, the process of registering a .ES domain is simple and fast. You just need to check the availability of your desired domain and follow the instructions to complete the registration. During this process, we'll ask for some personal details and the corresponding payment.

Why should I register a .ES domain?

A .ES domain improves SEO in Spain and represents the Spanish brand, being ideal for businesses wanting to convey Spanish values and origins. Additionally, it doesn't require technical requirements for its registration.

What are the benefits of a .ES domain for my business?

.ES domains rank well in Spain and help you stand out as a 'Made in Spain' business. With almost 2 million registrations, they are a popular and reliable option.

Are there technical requirements to register a .ES domain?

No, registering a .ES domain is straightforward and does not require specific technical requirements, making it accessible to all interested parties.