What is the WHOIS?

During domain registration, the registration data becomes part of a public database: WHOIS. Depending on the domain extension, this database is managed by the registrar itself or the registration entity.

cdmon is an ICANN-accredited company, allowing you to access the public data of any domain. Aligning with our hosting plans, we offer our customers a comprehensive service. With this data, we can assist you in retrieving a domain you've lost or in monitoring one you wish to obtain. You'll find all the essential information on a single screen.

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What data does WHOIS display?

Data related to the domain's life

Comfortably discover a domain's status: if it's available or already active. You can also find out when it was registered, as well as its renewal and expiration dates. To look up the data of a domain, enter the name in the search box. Time to investigate!

Technical Data

If the domain is registered, the WHOIS information provides insight into the name servers associated with the domain, indicating where it is hosted and how its traffic is managed. With the WHOIS information we make it easy for you.

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How does the European Data Protection Law GDPR affect WHOIS?

The GDPR (European Data General Protection Regulation) dictates how organizations handle personal data of European Union citizens. Due to this regulation, the WHOIS system, which traditionally provided domain registration details publicly, has had to adapt.

Personal information like the name and address of the domain holder is often hidden, leaving only the technical data visible. It's important to note that the information displayed in WHOIS can vary based on the requirements set by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and may also differ depending on the territories.

At cdmon, we guarantee the protection of your data, so if you do not explicitly consent to them being public, we won't display your information.

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