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Due to the entry into force of the new European Data Protection Law (GDPR), the information shown in the WHOIS may vary according to the requirements of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and according to the territories.


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What is the WHOIS?

When a domain is registered, the data becomes part of a public database: the WHOIS. Depending on the extension of the domain, this database is managed by the registrar or the registering entity. cdmon is a company accredited by ICANN, so you can look up the public data of any domain.

What is the WHOIS for?

With the WHOIS tool you can see the current status of the domain, the expiration date, the associated DNS servers and the registrar information, as long as it is not private. We can therefore help you recover the domain that you have lost or be aware of the one you want to obtain. You will have all of the necessary information on a single screen.

Qué es el WHOIS

What information does the WHOIS show?

Data on the domain owner

The WHOIS information of the domains shows you the data of the owner and rest of the contacts of a domain, provided they are not private, as well as the DNS that they use. To look up the data of a domain, enter the name in the search box. Time to investigate!

Data on the life of the domain

You can conveniently check the status of a domain, whether it is available, registered or active. With the WHOIS information we make it easy for you.

Qué datos muestra WHOIS

How does the European data protection law GDPR affect the WHOIS?

The GDPR (European Data General Protection Regulation) has two main objectives. One is legal protection against potential abuses related to the exploitation of personal data, prohibiting collection or excessive or unjustified processing throughout the EU.

At cdmon we guarantee the protection of your data; if you do not explicitly approve that they are public, we will not show them.

¿Como afecta la ley Europea de protección de datos RGPD al WHOIS?

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