Experts on your WordPress security

Having your WordPress, its Plugins or its Themes outdated, opens up your web to security vulnerabilities,
which can be corrected by updating.

We update your WordPress, its Plugins and its Themes

Did you know that having an outdated WordPress can endanger your website?

WordPress is a great tool to start your website. However, if not properly maintained, it can expose your website to security vulnerabilities, turning it into a target for hackers.

WordPress Consultancy

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We check and activate secure SSL protocols

Without the proper implementation of SSL protocols, any password or bank account detail that your users enter on your site can be intercepted.

Because an SSL certificate is not enough to make your website secure, our consultancy service will make sure this protocol is working properly on your site.

WordPress Consultancy

We check for known vulnerabilities and malware

Do you think your WordPress may be vulnerable? Have you found illicit content on your WordPress?

Our team of experts will check your Hosting and will report to you any security vulnerabilities found during the process.

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A team of experts at your disposal

During the update process, security systems will be installed to block potential known attacks.

This service also includes...

Updating your WordPress

Your WordPress, its Plugins and Themes will all be updated to the latest release.

Installing security systems

Our team will install official security plugins to protect your WordPress installation.

Blocking brute-force attacks

This prevents bots from attacking your WordPress admin access by using random passwords.

Review of user access and file permissions

Any fraudulent or compromised WordPress access will be changed or deleted, and all file permissions will be checked.

Review of basic PHP parameters

All PHP parameters will be checked and the PHP version will be upgraded to the latest one supported by WordPress.

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Wodpress migration

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Frequently Asked Questions about the WordPress Consultancy service

What happens if my WordPress can't be updated?

In case that an incompatibility or catastrophic error is detected during the update, this will be cancelled, and the cost will be reimbursed. A backup copy will be restored from before starting the update on your WordPress.

Will there be any changes on the appearance of my WordPress after the update?

No, the appearance is not changed during the update process. However, there may be some changes that affect some Themes or Plugins by their providers.

How long does the update process take?

We proceed in the queue order, and once started will take no more than 7 days.
If your WordPress is not working, indicate so on the form, so we can exceptionally have it working and then update it.

All Plugins and Themes can be updated?

Only those where support and license is available will be updated. In case of not having the license, this will be indicated on our final report, and you will have 7 days to provide it.

My WordPress is infected, can you help me?

During the update process, we'll check your whole WordPress to find any security vulnerability, which includes checking all files using internal tools. In case we detect any infection, it will be deleted as long as it is possible on our part.

My WordPress is not working or is not loading, can you help me?

Most loading problems with WordPress installations is because some of the core files may have been corrupted. With our update service, we can restore the affected files and restore functionality to your site.
Remember that you can always contact our team through the email address and we'll evaluate if it can be solved through our actions.

I've detected a problem after the update, what can I do?

In case that you detect any problem after updating, contact our team through the email address so we can check it. Remember that you have 7 days after we inform you of the update end to check your Hosting.

I've lost access to my WordPress, can I still get the service?

Only the Hosting owner can buy the service, so you'll have to contact our team through the email address to verify it.

Can I make changes to my WordPress during the update process?

No, since during the update it may be necessary to revert changes by restoring the backup copy done before starting the process, which would delete any change made.

Do you update WordPress hosted in another provider?

The service is only for cdmon's Hostings.

Is it a maintenance service?

This service does not include periodical revisions of your WordPress, it is a one-time update service. During the process, your WordPress is configured to update automatically.

What happens if my Hosting has more than one WordPress installed?

The Consultancy service considers each as an individual instance, so if a Hosting has more than one WordPress installed it, will be necessary to buy the service individually for each one.