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Build your future with a technological domain shorter, more impressive and easier to remember.
Register your .tech domain.

Benefits of registering a .TECH domain

Tech focused

Build your tech brand on a .tech, the most definitive domain extension for all things technology.


Choose a relevant domain name that is short, keyword-rich, and industry relevant. With .TECH, you don’t have to add the word “technology” to your name.

Easily recallable

Make your brand memorable and easily recallable by choosing a .TECH domain. This will also help you establish a strong tech positioning for your brand.


Use your .TECH domain to build a great first impression for your startup, tech project, hackathon, event, or blog.

Information for registering a .TECH domain

Requirements for registering a .TECH domain

  • .tech domains allow the letters from 'a' to 'z', the numbers from '0' to '9' and the hyphen '-'.
  • The hyphen '-' is not allowed either at the beginning or end of the name of the domain, nor are two hyphens '-' in succession allowed in the 3rd and 4th position.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Why register a .TECH domain?

Why should I consider registering a .TECH domain for my company or project?

Registering a .TECH domain is ideal for businesses and entities related to technology, as it provides a short, impactful, and easy-to-remember domain extension. This extension is focused on technology, making it perfect for marking your presence in the tech industry.

What advantages does a .TECH domain offer in terms of marketing and branding?

A .TECH domain allows you to choose a domain name that is both short and relevant to the industry, facilitating the creation of a memorable and easy-to-remember brand. It's ideal for startups, tech projects, hackathons, events, or blogs looking to make a strong initial impression.

What technical support and additional features does the .TECH domain offer?

.TECH domains support IDN characters, allowing for a greater variety in name selection. They also offer DNS modification, DNSSEC for additional security, WHOIS Privacy to protect the owner's information, and transfer lock to prevent unauthorized changes.

What makes a .TECH domain a strategic choice for my online presence?

Selecting a .TECH domain is an effective strategy to instantly communicate your specialization in technology and to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. This domain helps build and reinforce a strong, technology-focused brand identity.