Your webpage speaks your users’ language

Stand out if the origin or the content of your website is in Galician and identify your site with the linguistic and cultural community of Galicia.
Register your domain .gal.

Benefits of registering a .GAL domain

Galician origin

Is your website related to Galicia? Use a .gal domain extension and improve your online presence.

Guarantee of authenticity

Websites hosted under a .gal domain extension must be in the Galician language or related to the culture of this community, which guarantees that a .gal "speaks their language".

Easy registration

The .gal domain is registered immediately and can be renewed at any time, with no additional bureaucracy.

It defines and positions you

With the .gal extension you can define your website in the Galicia community and reach a target audience in a segmented way.

Information for registering a .GAL domain

Requirements for registering a .GAL domain

  • Websites hosted under a .gal domain extension must be in the Galician language or related to the Galician culture.

This extension supports

  • IDN characters
  • DNS modification
  • Whois Privacy
  • Transfer lock

Why register a .GAL domain?

What does a .GAL domain represent, and why is it relevant to my website?

Registering a .GAL domain is an excellent way to highlight your connection with Galician culture and language. It's ideal for websites related to Galicia, whether through origin, content, or cultural focus, allowing you to clearly identify with the Galician linguistic and cultural community.

What are the requirements for registering a .GAL domain?

To register a .GAL domain, your site must have content in Galician or be related to Galician culture. This ensures the cultural authenticity and relevance of the domain for the sites that use it.

What benefits does a .GAL domain offer in terms of management and renewal?

The .GAL domain offers immediate registration management and straightforward renewal possibilities without bureaucratic complications. This makes it attractive to users seeking efficient and easy management of their domain.

How can a .GAL domain help focus my website on a specific audience?

Using a .GAL domain allows you to define and position your website specifically within the Galician community, reaching a targeted audience interested in the Galician language and culture. Additionally, this extension supports technical features such as IDN characters, DNS modification, DNSSEC, WHOIS Privacy, and transfer lock, offering flexibility and security.