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Letter from Jaume Palau, Co-Founder

I remember back in 1996 when someone told me about something called IRC which you could connect to with the telephone. A neighbour and friend had access and invited my brother and I to use it. I recall that thrill of adventure, of something new to discover... I guess it all began there.

The first few years of the Internet fascinated me. Dreamweaver, an HTML editor to create your websites, my first few steps creating content. At that time, Marc (my brother and partner in cdmon) had just arrived triumphantly from the Campus Party in Valencia with lots of awards, and Josep (my friend and partner in cdmon) became an expert in FreeBSD (Unix). Together we formed an unstoppable trio with an insatiable thirst for creation. At that time we had many options open to us, but ultimately decided to develop hosting platforms and join the ICANN in order to register domains. This was our way of forming part of the heart of the Internet and beginning to dedicate ourselves to what up until then had been our passion.

The Internet has evolved a lot since those early years and gone from being like the Wild West to a regulated and controlled world where content is king. Communications have evolved into becoming instantaneous and direct. I remember when I called my parents from Munich, making a video conference call with my mobile. “Wow”, I said to my father, “dad, do you realise what we are doing? You are showing me Bayern’s ground live, as if I was there.” This was unthinkable 20 years ago.

When I talk with my partners, we dream of creating an open and high-quality Internet. An Internet that connects with the adventurer, with the child, with the creator, with the energy that allows us to feel alive, which after all is what motivates us to generate and move forward.

I love enterprising people, people that create, because they are the ones that change the world for the better with their innovations. Someone who wants to create a blog, a forum, an algorithm, an online store, a computer program, an illustration… and then share it. This is the engine of the Internet and the world.

How do I imagine cdmon in the future? We do not want to be leaders in size, we want to be leaders in the hearts of our customers. We want to work for the creativity “goddess”. We want to work for developers, the enterprising community that wants to create an open Internet, of adventure and quality, where we can all be and the individuality of the person is respected.

We do not want to be leaders in size, we want to be leaders in the hearts of our customers.

That is why in the coming months our portfolio is going to change and adapt to the needs of this audience. We are going to provide the creative space for our customers and all those who want to join this call to transform our digital society.

Our first port of call is to transform the current infrastructure into one that is both powerful and innovative. We have made a major investment to renew the current Cloud and turn it into the fastest infrastructure in the market. This is now combined with all the services that already exist which are open, of quality and supported by the community. Because, for creativity to flourish, the best innovation is necessary. It is not enough just to be good, you need to be different.

We hope to surprise you ;o)
Jaume R. Palau

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Letter from Marc Palau, Co-Founder

From my very first memories, I always remember hearing Jaume -my brother, friend and partner- say that he wanted a computer. I had no idea what it was for and what you could do with it. In fact, during my childhood and adolescence I considered myself a ‘school failure’, a person without a future, with no trade or anything to offer -as my father would say- and I lived on the fringes of the knowledge society.

Our first computer was a ZX Spectrum +2 with cassette deck. I started to tinker with the possibility of creating graphics and programming. When I was 17 years old (in ‘96), we discovered the Internet at the home of a great friend of ours and connected to Infovía, an IRC channel called #huevo. This happened around the same time as a motorcycle accident which left me with a stiff leg for six months and a compensation which we didn’t hesitate to invest in our first computer, a AMD k6-2 333Mhz with 256 MB of RAM.

Believing that I had no clear future, the only option I saw was to learn things. I learnt to use Front-page, Photoshop 4, followed by Dreamweaver and Flash. I spent hundreds of hours connected on the IRC in the #flash, #flashpro and #diseñografico channels to help people to do what none of us knew how to do, neither they nor I, which was my way of learning and contributing to the world. This brought me increasingly closer to the Graphic Design Community at that time in Spain, which also led me to the design forums that were around then too. I loved creativity, art, design, eccentric people and the things that you could do with the Internet graphically were unlimited.

And then came the 2000 Campus Party.

When I returned nothing could stop my thirst for knowledge or my interest for creativity, design and programming. The amount of designers, artists, creators and makers that I had met in the past few years had stolen my heart, and I was fully focused on studying and learning to be as close as possible to that world.

After a couple of years of comings and goings, we started with cdmon. My friend Cel (de sent us several PSDs with a new design for the page which gave us a very professional image. Thanks to the design!

I have always thought that design and art are fundamental pillars in human society and loving them makes us want to continue to be partakers of them. How can we help to create a more beautiful Internet? Hence PromSite, (cdmon’s current corporate social responsibility programme), came into being.

For more than 14 years now, more and more creators are being sponsored from PromSite, supporting people (with and without resources) so that they have their own online creation space. PromSite is a space where everyone, without any differentiation other than their love for design, art and creation, has a place and can express their vision to the world.

Cdmon has grown steadily since its beginnings in 2002; we are very grateful to all those who have participated in any of the projects that we have developed, including PromSite. From a platform for promoting designers, creators and artists, it has passed through various stages and moments. It is now time to rethink how we want to continue to support the artistic community and that is where we are headed. Long live the future!

Marc Palau

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Letter from Josep Colominas, Co-Founder

Technology, equipment, and freedom in development are the keys to cdmon’s success.

I am passionate about technology, but technology that is useful and improves our lives, not only that entertains. I have also used and use the latter though. I remember when I was small spending hours and hours in front of the screen (on the first PCs, video consoles, in video arcades, etc.), playing video games non-stop where the level would increase at the same rate as the bonuses, but I always kept my head enjoying simply the stimulus and feeling of self-satisfaction.

I remember my first time with a “true” smartphone. When I saw the person who was holding it move their finger over the screen, smoothly scrolling across it untroubled, I was so surprised and thought “now we are in the future, that future so often spoken about but which never arrives”, and from that moment on all I wanted to do was buy myself one; I now use a smartphone every day and it has changed my life dramatically. :)

We knew that technology had to be one of the basic pillars of the company

Another example, I love driving, but rather than the driving itself what I love is moving about. Moving about is different to driving. A rally driver drives, a traveller moves about. So I came to the conclusion that a car must have as many driving aids as possible, for both the security and comfort of its occupants and, mainly, the driver, to the extent that if the car drives itself, better still. It is like going by plane, we sit comfortably and are transported to our destination, without us considering taking control of the aircraft. This technology is now just around the corner and I am thrilled to see it arrive, as well as having it in its present stage of development.

And I could talk about many other things (like the washing machine, electric oven, laser surgery, etc); these are all inventions that have changed our way of life for the better. Some sceptics may think that machines will end up enslaving us, that having more free time is a trap, but I don’t think so; Our time is the most precious thing that we have, and the more we have to do what we really like doing, so much the better.

When I got together with my partners and founded cdmon, we knew that technology had to be one of the main pillars of the company, but with this spirit of useful technology, the type of technology that improves people’s lives. How does the life of a business, self-employed person or an individual change when you have a website? And what about email, how has it changed your life?

Can you imagine surfing the Internet without having to wait for each page to load? Or without having to send your data in all the forms that you come across? Can you imagine having and using the Internet without any of the typical hassles (slowness, insecurity, lack of privacy, phishing, etc.).

The key to solving these problems comes from technology. And in companies like cdmon we are obliged to offer the best. Undoubtedly in cdmon we are 100% focused on offering our customers the best. We have just made a significant investment to apply the latest technological innovations to our platform, with the sole purpose of offering the fastest loading speed for our customers’ websites and emails. We are truly taking a giant and extremely important leap globally. It would be comparable to changing from going to work by car, with the traffic jams every day, to going by plane in the future, with no waiting, in a straight line, at high speed, with maximum safety.

This platform has been designed for all our customers and users, regardless of their consumption or speed needs. Because we believe that everyone deserves the best, participating in this open and high-quality Internet that we help to build at cdmon.

In cdmon we are 100% focused on offering our customers the best

I am proud of what we are doing. If you are an entrepreneur there is no better feeling; we are proud of what we do and the team responsible for this. Talent and professional and personal development are also important for any company and for cdmon’s founders especially. Because it is the team that works and faces the challenges each day, ensuring the satisfactory outcome of the projects.

Finally, I would like to talk about freedom. Freedom is one of our favourite values, reflected also at cdmon when from the very first day we opted for OpenSource instead of closed platforms. And fortunately we continue to follow that line, with very few distractions (some are necessary to address gaps); OpenSource reinforces our free spirit, which we can transmit to our customers and users. That freedom is transmitted at all levels. For example, our customers are completely free to use our products/services, without any difficulty to start using them or to choose another option if they wish. If they are with us it is because they want to enjoy our service.

Speaking of customers and values, another value I feel very proud of having deeply rooted is the collaboration with customers. We feel like a technology partner for our customers and we want to offer them the best technological solutions to successfully carry out their projects. We do not want them to feel limited by their technology platform or lack of knowledge; our customer service will always give them the helping hand they need, every day of the year and at any time of the day.

We live in very interesting technological times, with a stimulating and promising futureWe are on the threshold of a new era, where calculation possibilities have already surpassed almost every limit, and where all you need now is a bit of imagination to know how to use them to their full potential. And it is in this respect that people need as much time as possible for imagination and creativity. Let machines do the repetitive and tedious tasks, even with a bit of intelligence that is already starting to appear in them.

Josep Coromines

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Reasons to join cdmon


By your side since 2002 supporting you in your projects. Get the best results! Leading partners in the sector support us.


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We are with you 365 days 24 hours. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, cdmon has an outstanding and expert technical team that answers in Spanish, Catalan and English.


With our social responsibility program we sponsor the hosting of more than 500 projects with the main purpose of promoting creativity on the Internet.