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The best CMS in a single click contracting a hosting plan

CMS available when contracting a hosting pack


autoinstallable CMS Wordpress Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most widespread open-source content management systems for creating blogs and websites.

It is based on PHP and MySQL and stands out for its ease of use. WordPress includes a WYSIWYG editor so that you can conveniently create your entries.

You can also assign roles to various people so that they can work jointly with your team from any location.

WordPress has a comments function, a hyperlink manager and allows you to expand the functions of your website with a wide range of plugins.


autoinstallable CMS Prestashop Prestashop

If you want to create a Prestashop e-commerce website, this is one of the simplest and most secure options on the market.

More than 150,000 online stores around the world are already using it. This platform contains plenty of interesting functions to capture customers, such as multiple locations, adaptable URL and full compatibility with Ajax.

It also provides professional tools to increase the volume of online sales, for example, fast payment, reminder functions for interrupted online purchases and automatic email marketing.


autoinstallable CMS Joomla Joomla

Joomla is an open-source content manager (CMS) that will allow you to create and manage simple websites, complex business applications, blogs and even applications for mobile devices.

You don’t need any technical or programming knowledge. You can upload your own images, create text, add pages and change colours all very intuitively.

You can also manage all the information on a MySQL database and restore previous versions.

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How can I install WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and other CMS in a single click?


Access your control panel and click on the hosting where you want to install the CMS


Access the "Install applications" icon in advanced tools.


Of the different CMS choose the one that suits your needs.


Choose where you want to install the CMS. Once completed we will show you the data.

Frequently Asked Questions about the installation in a single click of the CMS

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a software developed to allow any user to administer and manage the contents of a website easily and without needing any web programming knowledge. A programmer must previously develop the website based on the most appropriate CMS for the type of site, leaving the subsequent management tasks in the hands of the end user.

Can you install it on any hosting?

Yes, with any hosting that you get, you will see that we include the possibility of installing the CMS that you need. With just one click, you will start the installation process where you will be asked to provide different data. You will have the CMS operational and ready in just a few minutes.

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