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Create your space

Joomla offers you access to an endless number of plugins and themes with which you can develop your project.


Joomla is the answer

It allows you to easily manage your website, being able to create new sections, modify the current ones, create new menu options and almost anything else you can imagine, without the need for technical knowledge.

You're in for a surprise with Joomla

It is a platform with countless possibilities and advantages adapted to your needs. It is constantly optimized for powerful SEO tools based on metadata and keywords so that your customers have an easier time finding your websites in search engines.

We migrate your Joomla

If you have a Joomla and you're not a cdmon customer yet, don't think twice about coming with us with our WordPress web migration service. Our fabulous technical team is responsible for carrying out the migration, for FREE!

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Fly with our technology!

Your Joomla on one of the fastest platforms in the world

Our platform, the first one to be based entirely on Intel SSD NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drives, will make your Joomla fly.

This innovative and disruptive technical architecture gives you to achieve the fastest load time for your website, a significant increase in resources and even more options for its development.

Your hosting, always updated

With cdmon's Hostings, you can switch your PHP version without the need for a migration or technical support.

Through our Control Panel, you can view the available versions and adapt them to your configuration needs without requiring a reboot or having to lose your connection.

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