Create your website easily with Joomla

Joomla is a CMS included in any cdmon


Joomla is a leading tool for website creation, with more than 10,000 components available that will allow you to increase the functionalities of your website with new options such as sending newsletters, forums, e-commerce, image galleries, etc.

The platform allows you to manage your website very easily, being able to create new sections, modify existing ones, create new menu options and almost anything that you can imagine, without requiring any technical knowledge.

Always included

  • SSL Let’s Encrypt
  • Installation of CMS in a click
  • 24/7 telephone service
  • PHP versions: from 7.0 to 7.4

Why do I need Joomla?

A quien va dirigido Joomla

Who is Joomla for?

Joomla is a very versatile platform designed for all audiences, able to respond to very different needs.

Online magazines, newspapers and publications, this is your platform. On it you will be to publish all your articles, news and features.

This platform is also a very good alternative for government institutions and NGOs, and can offer a website where you can centralise all your corporate information.

If, however, you have a small online business, or simply want to have your website or personal blog for talking about or showing your different facets, this platform will offer you endless possibilities for making this a reality.

Plataforma joomla

Joomla advantages

Joomla is an open source platform with endless possibilities and advantages adapted to each customer’s needs. It is flexible and very easy to customise and scale, because if you grow, we can grow with you.

It is constantly optimised to achieve very powerful SEO tools, based on metadata and keywords, so that your customers find your website more easily in the search engines.

Being open source is one of its main advantages as it makes Joomla a service available to everyone at any time. This is thanks to a team of professionals that passionately believes in a free Internet culture, something that cdmon has always shared.

Joomla is 100% committed to Internet security and offers different systems and tools to ensure that your website is secure.

Create your platform with Joomla, and surprise yourself!

Why cdmon?


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