Show your site is secure with your cdmon hosting

Contract a security certificate in your Control Panel. It is very important so that your customers trust you. In cdmon we want to give you the best service; if you do not know which certificate to choose for your business, contact us and our technical team will advise you.

SSL certificates and their importance

Protected website

The SSL certificate ensures that the website is secure and that there is no danger when sending confidential information (personal data, account numbers, etc.). With it your customers will feel protected and you will gain new customers too.

Improve SEO

Google, like all other search engines, likes secure websites. Having your website with a security certificate will benefit you in SEO positioning and your potential customers will find you more easily.

Maximum security

We want your customers to feel secure. The information is therefore transmitted in encrypted form. The data remains hidden during its transfer and only the intended recipient can decode it.

SSL certificates

Visible elements in the browser

Your SSL certificate will be visible to your customers. The secure protocol https://, a padlock and, in the case of the EV SSL certificate, your company's name, will be displayed in the address bar of your website.

Avoid errors with browsers

With your SSL certificate, you will avoid your website being displayed as a non-secure site by browsers like Chrome and Firefox; otherwise, who would want to visit your website? Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

It builds trust among your users and improves your sales

It is hard to gain trust but easy to lose it. Having a secure website is one of the formulas to improve your sales. Offer your customers a secure environment with SSL certificates and gain their trust to complete forms or methods of payment.

Security included with your Hosting

Let's Encrypt

When getting any of our Hosting products, you'll be able to enjoy an SSL certificate totally for free from the certificate authority (CA) Let's Encrypt.

It's installed automatically and protects all domains and subdomains of your Hosting. If you have any doubts about this certificate, contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.

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Features of our Premium SSL certificates

Positive SSL

The Positive SSL certificate allows companies to obtain a trusted certificate for a single domain without any subdomains at a low cost for one year. PositiveSSL is fully functional for websites with a low volume of e-commerce. It offers a standard 256-bit encryption and one of the fastest speeds of issuance around.

Positive SSL Wildcard

The PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate allows you to add an SSL encryption to the subdomains of your domain at a very affordable price and with one of the strongest and most flexible protections.

It is a product designed for individuals, small businesses and SMEs that are looking for an SSL certificate without having to provide additional documentation, as would be the case with Business Validation and Extended Validation certificates.

Instant SSL Pro

The Instant SSL Pro certificate is one of the best SSL certificates on the market. This certification allows you to carry out a complete validation of the organisation. You will be able to encrypt communications between your website and their visitors with 256 bits in most browsers and mobiles or smartphones on the market.

With this certificate you will build even more trust in your customers, making them feel secure when they have to enter personal data or financial information on your website. Take a step further and add a Instant SSL Pro certificate to your website and stand out from the competition.


cdmon's Extended Validation SSL certificate is one of the best SSL certificates with the green address bar that currently exists, i.e. Higher level certificates.

Extended Validation is the best way to protect your website. The green bar is the most visible sign that you can have with the best protection available. Investing in security is one of the best decisions that you can take.

How do I contract a Premium SSL certificate?


Access your Control Panel and click on the hosting where you want to install the certificate.


Access the "SSL certificate” icon in advanced tools and click "Request an SSL certificate".


Choose whichever of the different types of certificates available (PositiveSSL, PositiveSSL Wildcard, Instant SSL Pro or EV SSL) best suits your needs.


Follow and complete the purchasing process, and then one of our technicians will contact you to help you with the installation.

Comparative table

ExtensionLet's EncryptPositive SSLPositive SSL WildcardInstant SSL ProEV SSL
Secured domainsMultidomain and unlimited subdomains1Unlimited subdomains11
Authentication methodDomain validationDomain validationDomain validationOrganization validationExtended organization validation
Installation timeImmediate1 day1 day30 - 45 days30 - 45 days
Encryption256 bits256 bits256 bits256 bits256 bits
Annual priceFree€73€184€175€250

Why is security important on your website?

Google gives preference to secure sites

An SSL certificate provides security to visitors to your website, i.e., it confirms that a website is trustworthy and secure, both for its browsing and for the processing and use of personal data, as all the information exchanged between the user and server is encrypted.

But this is not all, there is another fundamental reason why it is Positiveto have the SSL security certificate on your website: SEO. Your website will be a friend of the search engines, your SEO will not be harmed and you will climb positions in the search engine. Otherwise, they will mark it as a non-secure site.

Security is important on your website

It's a matter of trust

It is vital that the users feel secure on your website. No one wants to browse insecure website, and even less buy in them. Being a security indicator that is visible to all, it reassures users and is a source of great trust.

In addition, the user experience will improve considerably, since your customers will browse with the security that their data will not be filtered at any time. If you want to add an extra security layer, remember that both organization and extended validation certificates show all your visitors that they are dealing with a real company.

Accessing the Control Panel

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