What is my IP?

Next, we provide you with your current IP address used for your Internet connection. If you need to configure a free domain or subdomain to point to your dynamic IP address, you can make use of our dynamic DNS service.

Your IP address is:

What is an IP?

IP, or Internet Protocol, is a protocol that enables communication across the network between devices. An IP address serves as a unique "registration plate" assigned to a device when it connects to the Internet. This address, comprised of four blocks of numbers separated by dots and ranging between 0 and 255, is unique to each device within the network.

There are two types of IP addresses:

Public IP addresses are numerical identifiers that are assigned to your device by your Internet service provider when you connect to the network. Typically, these IP addresses are dynamic, which means they are subject to change periodically or each time you restart your router, as determined by your Internet service provider.

Private IP addresses are the group of addresses that identify a device within a local network, as they are reserved for use in internal and private networks. Private IP addresses are unique within their own network, but not in the world.