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Our offices are in Malgrat de Mar, providence of Barcelona. It’s part of Maresme a county (comarca) located along the coast, between the Mediterranean Sea and Catalonia’s coastal hills.

Maresme has over 400.000 residents, the largest city and capital is Mataró. The official languages are Spanish and catalan. Native people speak both of them. And we buy using Euros (€) the oficial coin in Spain.

Guide of malgrat
  • Malgrat offers more than 4.5 kilometres of spacious white sand beaches with every convenience invite you to spend a day by the sea.
  • You can find peace and quiet for walks and birdwatching in natural spaces like the dunes of Playa de la Conca or the Tordera river delta.
  • Malgrat de Mar is also surrounded by wilderness areas that are perfect for hiking or cycling. The characteristics of the city allow you to go to work by bicycle!
  • Take a stroll around the old town centre and find architectural sites like the 18thcentury Church of Sant Nicolau or the late 19th-century Peixateries Velles (old fish market).
  • Another interesting place is La Pilona, a rocky platform in the middle of the sea, which a century agoc was used for loading cargoes of iron.
  • Malgrat de Mar also boasts the Castell Park (with views that are well worth seeing) and the Francesc Macià Park with sculpture, botanical tours, playgrounds and picnic areas.
Malgrat information

Malgrat de Mar also bears the Family Destination.
You’ll find a big range of leisure activities especially suited to children.

Malgrat houses

Living in Malgrat is not very expensive. You can rent a home without losing your salary, there are affordable quality supermarkets and basic services such as transportation or public schools that are priced right. Only take into account that Malgrat is a tourist city. During the summer season some prices may rise around beach areas.


What is the best place to live in Maresme? The answer, of course, will vary according to personal preferences. If you have children, If you prefer to be closer to the action… In cdmon will help you with all your questions if you join the relocation process.

Our Relocation process


If you are night lover… Maresme has a very diverse nightlife offer, which responds to all tastes and will make you stay up late at night: Restaurants, Bars, pubs, discotheques and concerts.


To move is easy there are buses and trains. The schedule, routes and booking are all straight-forward. Public transportation is recommended, punctual and cheap.


The accesses to Malgrat from Barcelona are several, as happens with the coastal towns: through the N-II, via the C-32 motorway, with the RENFE or RODALIES suburban trains or buses (diferent companies available) In public transport is cheap to ride.


As we said Malgrat is very close to Barcelona and both cities are very well communicated, then you can join the city whenever you consider without to suffer traffic, stress and the rest of painful things of living in a crowded big city. Malgrat is very close of other interesting cities as well, Pineda, Calella, Lloret. Girona...

To enjoy all this proposals we have 8 official bank holidays plus 23 days of vacations, plus in cdmon long weekend every week (Free-Friday afternoons the whole year).

1 January
Any Nou New Year's Day
6 January
Dia de Reis Epiphany
Divendres Sant Good Friday
Dilluns de Pasqua Easter Monday
1 May
Dia del Treball Labour Day
Pasqua Granada Pentecost Monday
24 June
Sant Joan Feast Day of St. John
15 August
L'Assumpció The Assumption
11 September
Diada de Catalunya Catalan National Day
12 Octover
Dia de la Hispanidad Spanish National Day
1 November
Tots Sants All Saints’ Day
6 December
Dia de la Constitució Constitution Day
8 December
La Immaculada Immaculate Conception
25 December
Nadal Christmas Day
26 December
Sant Esteve Feast Day of St. Stephen

More practical info

Local time in the Spanish peninsula is one hour ahead of GMT.

The standard address format begins with the street name and number, followed by the floor number and the flat or unit number.

Postal office is called Correos. Visit Correos for more information.

Restaurants are required by law to include service charges in their menu prices. There is no expected rate for tips.

Malgrat is a very safe city, with super low rate of delinquency. The city is patrolled by the Guàrdia Urbana (city police) and the Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan regional police). If you need to contact them you can call the emergency number (112) or go to a police station.

For any type of emergencies, safety, medical,… anytime, everywhere call 112. Free call.

In Spain we have a very good public medical service, but you can also have private medical insurance, it’s more comfortable. In cdmon we offer our employees private medical insurance.

City Council has different communications channels. Telephone: 010 (if you are in the city - Free call ) or online: Ajuntament Malgrat de Mar. For specific municipal procedures, it is necessary to make an appointment.

Catalonia Citizen Information call 012 (within Catalonia) or 902 400 012 (outside Catalonia but within Spain).

There are several banking options in Spain, national, international. Maybe you should ask your bank in your home country about the possibility of opening an account with a corresponding branch in Spain if there is one. Some banks have English-speaking staff. Many banks also offer excellent online banking services in different languages. You can visit several banks or do research online to find out which institutions provide services that suit your financial needs best.

Safe-deposit box

Major credit and debit cards are accepted in almost all shops, restaurants, hotels and many other services, including Metro ticket machines, taxis and parking machines. Contactless payment is increasingly common and major banks are now offering payment via mobile phone. You can also use your credit or debit card to withdraw money from a cash dispenser, which provide instructions in different languages.

All residents must pay taxes applied by the different levels of public administration: the Spanish Government, the regional and the local governments. The tax system in Spain is complex and so we will recommend you a consultant to solve all your questions.

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