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The domains for hotel and catering websites

Position yourself with a "good food" domain

A restaurant, bar, catering service, blog or any website related to the restaurant industry in general, now has the opportunity to stand out. Whether you offer a service or product, you have the chance to expand. Promote your website and do not miss the opportunity to break down barriers thanks to extensions such as .menu, .cafe, .restaurant.
Do it now! Register your domain!

.bar .pub .menu .cafe .restaurant .catering .beer
.coffee .cooking .kitchen .organic .pizza .recipes .rest .vodka


Your website talks about your business

By registering a domain with the extension .beer, .coffee or .pizza, for example, you will be talking about your business even before accessing your website. 

Stand out from your competition

The hotel and catering world is very competitive. Stand out from the competition by registering your domain with one of these extensions. Make a difference with extensions such as .restaurant, .cafe or .pub, among others.

 An original domain 

Nowadays, being original and standing out is a plus. You have an opportunity by registering your brand with one of these extensions. 

Address your audience

In a country like ours, where the hotel and catering industry is one of the driving forces of the economy, it is important to segment your target audience. You will do so by registering one of these TLDs. 

We reward your trust, discover the volume discounts

We value your trust; whether you are a regular buyer or a reseller, cdmon is your best option; enjoy the best price and the best service. We want to be with you in your projects, which is why we reward your loyalty and offer you the main rates at a lower price.

Advantages of registering your domain with cdmon

 Email account

By just registering a single domain, you get your own personalized email account with 100 MB space. Brand your personal image with your own email account.This option is only available in Spanish version.

 Free hosting

With a domain registration, you can activate a free basic web hosting, with 10 MB web space and 1 GB of monthly transfer. This option is only available in Spanish.

 24/7 support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our cdmon support team, either through our support platform or by phone:
93 567 75 77 - 91 182 27 67.

and always included…


In cdmon, forwarding and DNS management are free. You do not need to buy web hosting to be able to use this service.

Volume discounts

After your sixth registration, domain pricing lowers. Find out all available volume discounts by buying or registering a new domain name.

Own control panel

The CDmon Control Panel has been designed by our in-house developer team. Easy to use, intuitive and constantly upgraded thanks to our users feedback.

Simple renewal

Complete peace of mind with our easy domain automatic renewal. You may activate domain auto renewal option thus preventing expiration and any renewal fees.

Tips for choosing a good domain name

Consejos para elegir un buen nombre de dominio
  • Use new extensions
    Cada sector tiene sus extensiones, no te limites al .com, elije la más adecuada para tu proyecto.

  • Be descriptive
    Explain who you are and what you offer. Short names are normally taken, be careful not to over complicate it.

  • Don’t overly complicate it
    Make sure that it is easy to pronounce, that it is understood around the world and is not confused with any other very similar one (you would confuse users and your traffic would be of low quality).

  • Use your brand
    If you have your own brand, create your domain with it. If it is taken, we will help you.

Why cdmon?


We have more than 16 years’ experience creating the best technology for your projects. We love technology and work to place it at the service of our customers.


Innovation is in our DNA; we adapt our products constantly so that you receive the best service.


We will be happy to talk to you. Whether you are an expert or a novice, count on us.

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