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.io - 42.65€
.site - 1.50€
.online - 3.45€
.tech - 4.95€
.website - 1.50€
.net - 13.25€
.wiki - 10.15€
.link - 3.95€
.email - 5.05€
.chat - 11.35€
.click - 3.95€
.codes - 6.75€
.computer - 13.55€
.digital - 3.35€
.directory - 4.15€
.domains - 23.95€
.download - 7.25€
.host - 63.25€
.hosting - 198.95€
.network - 5.05€
.onl - 13.75€
.software - 13.55€
.space - 18.15€
.systems - 9.95€
.technology - 9.95€
.webcam - 9.05€
ATTENTION: Be aware that email in hostings with IDN domains (multilingual characters) will not work correctly, as current email clients (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) are not prepared for their use.
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50MB Webspace
100MB Email Account
1GB monthly traffic
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Be an online reference with your domain

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of information and knowledge, with an infinite number of areas and disciplines. Hence the launch of extensions such as .site, .online, .website or .link, with which you can stand out and specialise in the Internet field. It is time to turn your web, blog or application into the most prominent space. Register your domain and be a reference in the online sector.

Identify yourself with the online world

If you have a technological business, a website from any area or discipline or simply want to associate your website with the online and technological world, this is the domain for you.

Stand out from the competition

The technological sector and online world is very competitive and the most common domains are taken. With domains such as .site, .online or .tech you can make a difference.

Reference domain

The main entities in the Internet sector and online world register their brand with these domain extensions to protect it.

Address a wider audience

The Internet is full of information and the most consulted source. These domains will help you to steer potential customers or visitors to your website easily.

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We reward your trust, discover the volume discounts

We value your trust; whether you are a regular buyer or a reseller, cdmonis your best option; enjoy the best price and the best service. We want to be with you in your projects, which is why we reward your loyalty and offer you the main rates at a lower price.

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Advantages of registering your domains in cdmon

A free email account A free email accounts

Register your domain and enjoy a personal email account with 100 MB of space. We will help you get your project started.

Free hosting Free hosting

Register your domain and activate free basic hosting, with 50 MB of space and 1 GB of monthly data transfer.

24/7 support 24/7 support

We are available, always ready to answer any query or question. Let’s talk, we want to help you 93 567 75 77 - 91 182 27 67

and always included…


In cdmon, forwarding and DNS management are free. You do not need to buy web hosting to be able to use this service.

Volume discounts Volume discounts

After your sixth registration, domain pricing lowers. Find out all available volume discounts by buying or registering a new domain name.

Own control panel Own control panel

The cdmon Control Panel has been designed by our in-house developer team. Easy to use, intuitive and constantly upgraded thanks to our users feedback.

Simple renewal Simple renewal

Complete peace of mind with our easy domain automatic renewal. You may activate domain auto renewal option thus preventing expiration and any renewal fees.

Tips for choosing a good domain name

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  • Use new extensions
    Cada sector tiene sus extensiones, no te limites al .com, elije la más adecuada para tu proyecto.

  • Be descriptive
    Explain who you are and what you offer. Short names are normally taken, be careful not to over complicate it.

  • Don’t overly complicate it
    Make sure that it is easy to pronounce, that it is understood around the world and is not confused with any other very similar one (you would confuse users and your traffic would be of low quality).

  • Use your brand
    If you have your own brand, create your domain with it. If it is taken, we will help you.

Why do you want to join cdmon?

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We are with you 365 days 24 hours. Whether you are an expert or just starting out, cdmon has an outstanding and expert technical team that answers in Spanish, Catalan and English.
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